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Within this page are links shown in alphabetical order, of places on the net that are of interest to the Care for Dogs Foundation.

Some links represent people that have been very helpful to Care for Dogs by way of offering services, promotion and co-operation and we are extremely grateful for their contributions in our shared objectives.

There may also be sister shelters around the world, Animal Rights groups or blogs that make appeals for action or raise awareness about animal welfare and as well as individuals who are visible on the internet and working towards a common aim.

A – M

Animal Jobs Direct
Visit www.animal-job.co.uk

Best Friends Animal Society
– Without this group, many people in America might not have found out about our work.

Bunny Luv
– Chiang Mai Rabbit Sanctuary, as those cute little creatures can come into trouble, too (founded by our fellow volunteer Kelly)

Cat 4 You in Pattaya
– Private initiative by two cat lovers trying to help some of the cats and kittens that are being abandoned every day in the Pattaya area of Thailand.

Chiang Mai Charity Calendar
Chiang Mai Charity Calendar
A non-profit project created by school students and volunteers to promote tourism,
and help poor or homeless rural children in Northern Thailand.

Chiang Mai Insurance

Digital Zoo
– Many thanks for your support in developing our new logo, leaflets, and T-Shirts

ชุมชนคนรักสุนัข รวมรูปน้องหมาน่ารักมากมาย
Thai language website acts as platform of information and communication for dog lovers

Expat Blog Directory
living in Chiang Mai

GiGi Pets Fashion [email protected]

Head Rock Dogs
(Formerly ‘Hua Hin Dog Rescue Center’)

I love Cats
– Fellow animal rescue organisation in Chiang Mai area focus on helping cats (right now online presentation in Thai only).

Karen Ngo Photography
– Photography of dogs at the shelter during your stay in Chiang Mai


Online Shop around handmade baby gifts, here in Chiang Mai
– 10% of your total spending at KiddyColors will go to charities (including CareforDogs) here in Chiang Mai

Khlong Dogs
Visit www.khlongdogs.com
Locate in Bangkog Khlongdogs is not an open shelter but a resort for dogs and cats who lived on the streets of Bangkok

Lanna Dog Welfare
Organization with focus on sterilization to control street dog population and education regarding animal welfare

LuckyDogs – Nienke Parma
Visit www.luckydogs.info

N – Z

Narittaya – Chiang Mai Resort Narittaya – Chiang Mai Resort, A Unique, Organic, Boutique, Retreat

Nugent Waterside
popular residence for holiday volunteers

Nugent Waterside
popular residence for holiday volunteers

Designer Michelle Palmers
Valuable helper with her professional skills as designer – doing it “pro bono”

Samui – Dog Rescue Centre
– Rescue organisation and shelter on Kho Samui island

info around various aspects of stay and life in Thailand

Soi Dog
Visit www.soidog.org
Fellow dog rescue organisation on Phuket island – Southern Thailand

The Happy Gambol
– Doggie training

Tierhilfe Assisi

Visit www.veggruf.at
Austrian association for humanely nutrition providing Care for Dogs with the opportunity to be member in their partnership program

Vets in Action (Southern Europe)
Visit www.stie.com

– Collection of references for volunteer opportunities in Thailand

Welcome to Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai Magazine
– Various Infos around Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai

Wildlife Friends of Thailand
Wildlife Friends of Thailand

As we constantly publicise, our work depends solely on donations. If you would like to see a list of some organisations and individuals who currently support us, please visit our “Main Sponsors” page.

If you would like your website URL included within this page, please contact us.

Conversely, we are always pleased to have our logo and a link embedded back to our website. If you are able to facilitate this, please select one of the images below and save the image for use, along with the url http://www.carefordogs.org.

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