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Khuen – Feeling MUCH Better!

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When Khuen came into our care last week, it was yet another rescue that was heart breaking to think of the pain that this poor dog must have endured.

Khuen had massive swelling on the side of his face and neck, which is believed to be from an infected bite wound. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was infested with literally thousands of fleas. Unable to eat of drink, he surely would have not survived life on the streets had we not been alerted to his dire situation.

Our vet team took him into surgery and removed 500ml of fluid from the infected area and also sterilised Khuen at the same time.

Now, he is looking and feeling much better and is well on his way to a full recovery.

Posted: Tuesday 2nd Jun 2015
Category: News and Infos, Rescue Stories

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  1. Bravo you guys, thank you for what you do! As I write this, my dog Ping Pong is laying nearby, some of you may remember him 🙂