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Schools Visiting The Shelter

These are the most popular school activities with Care for Dogs! Students are welcomed down to the shelter, with a little talk in the beginning about our work and the situation of strays in Thailand, importance of sterilizations etc. After the initial talks about our work and how to behave at the shelter we enter the yard grounds..

Students love to get down in business with the dogs! Lots of hugging and kisses being exchanged, hearing some individual stories, and usually ending up in the puppy pen..

Regarding the size and the experience and expectations (and time!) of the group, we usually get in dirty with the dogs, with some serious grooming, bathing, walking and socializing with the shelter residents. Some groups arrive armed with buckets & brushes and get on with helping in the neverending tasks of cleaning at the shelter (read more http://www.carefordogs.org/community-service-goes-to-the-dogs/). It is a great opportunity for the students to learn and put into action what they have learned in the classroom. They can see in real life how to read the “dog language”, how to approach a dog so it feels comfortable and can let it’s natural curiosity to flourish, how they conquer the difficulties in life with always such a surprising spirits.

Due to the relatively large number of furry residents at the shelter, and the fact that we have a large free-roaming area there, shelter visits are not maybe the best option for the smallest kids. However we have seen many teens conquering their initial reservations, and starting to enjoy all the attention seeking dog friends coming in for cuddles. Oh and did we mention the puppies already..?

There is also a great opportunity to get some important “Community service” hours done at Care for Dogs. There is a lot of work to do but you can get life-long friends from our dogs. It will be a great experience!

If you are interested to arrange a visit with your student group to the shelter, we ask you to contact us (quite far) beforehand, and discuss about the expectations and about your students with us, so we can tailor the visit and have time to make extra arrangements to the site if needed. The time flies when you have fun, so reserving at least a half a day for the activities would be optimal. That way it is possible to take part into more activities at the shelter (puppy bathing, dog walking etc.). We also wish you could talk with the students in the class room before hand about Care for Dogs, or even better, to arrange our Educational team to pay a visit and give a lesson to your group. This way there is more continuity and all the info can be processed better.

Just come as you are with open minds – but leave the pair of designer sneakers home, as the shelter grounds are not exactly made of marble… You will receive lots of unconditional love and a day full of experiences and knowledge as a reward!

Would your school like to get involved?
 Contact us and talk about how we can work with you. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and we can tailor our lessons to fit any age group or English level. We are also more than happy to help interested teachers with educational materials.

Contact us by phone 0847 52 52 55 or email [email protected]

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