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100_5119Care for Dogs is committed to providing care for all dogs that have suffered at the hands of their human companions and to this end are equally committed to a long term care program for those dogs who do not get adopted after their stay at the shelter.

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We have many puppies at the shelter, either rescued from streets and temples where they were abandoned or born to a rescued pregnant mother, specifically brought to the shelter to provide her the care she requires.

Some pups find new homes and get adopted, some sadly stay behind and grow up and become young adults.

Their chances of adoption diminish as they grow old as most potential adopters prefer ‘young & fluffy’ types. We also have many dogs young & old, who have suffered from severe illness or injury and often their human companions have neglected to help them early enough or sometimes caused their afflictions.

There are blind dogs, lame dogs, old timers with heart problems, some with attitude problems but some are just not what typically potential adopters are looking for.

Care for Dogs therefore has a growing number of cases that are likely to stay at the shelter for the rest of their lives if they do not find that long awaited new home. As well as taking the space that possibly other homeless dogs could use, the long term cases cost money to keep and are therefore a drain on resources.

We would like your help. Can you sponsor a puppy, a dog, an individual who’s character is described and photographed for you to recognise and appreciate.

Care for Dogs “Sponsor this Dog” program offers the sponsor an opportunity to support named individuals and in return, we will provide a formal certificate in recognition of your commitment.

Sponsorship can even be a gift to someone for a birthday or special time.
If you select a name or a photo by clicking at it, you will be redirected to CfD’s Store for the Paws where you’re able to read more about each dog.

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