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Before Adopting

CfD is happy about every doggie who finds a new for ever home and we’re real grateful on every adoption family, like these:

May be you like to join them, but adopting a dog is a decision for life (at least that of the doggie) and to make sure that your decision is the right decision making both happy dog as well as it’s new family it’s worth some consideration.

Hoping to help you, here a short check list to think about:

  • Make sure you decide what size dog would suit your family. If you live in a small apartment for example, don’t look at adopting a German Shepherd cross.
  • Have you owned a dog before? If not, look at adopting a quiet, small to medium sized dog who will be easily maintained and trained.
  • How much time do you have to care for your dog? If you don’t have a lot, look for a dog with a curly coat who will not shed and won’t need a lot of grooming, and a dog which won’t need a lot of exercise.
  • What’s your budget? If it’s tight, get a small dog who won’t need as much food, and avoid older dogs who may need more veterinary treatment. But do be aware that all dogs need treatment from time to time, even if it’s only yearly vaccination. If you don’t have the money, don’t get a dog – it’s unfair to take on a responsibility you won’t be able to follow through on.
  • Do you have children or elderly people living with you? If so, don’t get a large, dominant dog – look for a smaller, quiet breed.
  • Be prepared to spend time with and on your dog – walking, training, grooming, feeding, cuddling – and picking up its mess!
  • Spend time with the dog you want to adopt and see if you, your family members and the dog can get along. If you have other dogs at home bring them in too, so you know how they react with each other.
  • Be mindful when adopting a puppy. Understand that puppy needs a lot more attention, time and energy than adult dog. Puppies will also chews and destroy things in your house ie. shoes or anything that they can find.
  • Staying as an International in Thailand could mean, there might be a day you want or must leave the country. Be aware of your responsibility to your pets – with a bit planing it’s not to hard to manage. There are a number of companies dedicated to international pet travel and can be easily found via a quick search on Google.