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Zeuss – Another Street Dog Rescue

Pam taking care on Zeus' wounds in shelter's operating room

Pam taking care on Zeus’ wounds in shelter’s operating room

Sometimes people question why we also do rescues and don’t concentrate on sterilisations only. Well, when doing sterilisations it won’t take long and you come across sick or injured dogs as well. Dogs like Zeus are the reason why we just can’t turn a blind eye on the ones that can’t help themselves.

As Khun Jum reported:
Few days ago we had a rescue call from Khun Prim that she found this very skinny dog that couldn’t move near Doi Kam temple. We sent Khun Lek straight away to rescue him. After he arrived Pam, our Medical cooperator, checked him and found that he had a very bad wound under his left front leg and full of maggots so Pam and Khun Bee removed it !!We named him ‘’Zeus’’ He’s now recovering under our medical care at the shelter.เ

Zeus on arrival

Zeus on arrival

It's done for now but the journey to recovery just begun

Done for now but his journey to recovery just begun

Latest up-date from Pam: Zeus is eating like a horse (no wonder…;)) and she is confident that he will have a full recovery!

Posted: Monday 14th Jan 2013
Category: Lead Stories, Rescue Stories

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  1. GOD BLESS YOU. I love dogs and it breaks my heart when I see something like that. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats, all of them are rescues and I love them so much.

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