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Hands on

Taking care of temple dogs

On a weekly basis, we visit temples to pick up dogs for sterilization, to vaccinate puppies, arrange medical care with vets, to feed malnourished dogs and last but not least, pet them. Are you interested in taking care of temple dogs on your own? After an introduction, you could choose a temple with dogs in need around your area, and look after these dogs regularly.

Waan cooling down

Shelter visits

In our shelter in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, many puppies and dogs are waiting for dog lovers for playing, hugging, bathing, grooming, or being taken for a walk.


If you’ve got the time, love, and space, please consider taking a puppy or dog into your home and hearts until we can find a permanent home for them. Many times, if puppies are left on the streets, they often succumb to fatal diseases or are run over so it’s important to take them out of harm’s way as soon as possible.

Vet trips can be fun

Dog transports (for spaying/sterilizations or rescue)

Our goal being to reduce the street dog population, spaying female dogs in Chiang Mai is our top priority. You could help by finding female dogs (on your own or with our help), transporting them to the vet for spaying and picking them up a few hours later. You could also help by bringing sick or injured dogs to the vet when we get rescue calls.

Giving mange injections

Dogs who are losing their hair are often suffering from mange, and are a common sight on streets and in temples. Can you give injections or would you be willing to learn how? We would provide you with the medicine and you could identify and treat dogs on your own. Treatments usually last 4-8 weeks, and an injection is given on a weekly basis.

Shower at the shelterSome more volunteer possibilities e.g.

  • Educational programs for school or public
  • Dog basic trainings
  • Setting-up pet visiting programs for sick or elderly people
  • Setting-up training programs for dogs for disabled people, rescue- or sniffer dogs

… we have many ideas, but need more people to support us. Contact us and help!

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