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Status Symbol is not his Thing – Toffee’s dream is a Family

*** UPDATE *** Toffee’s dream come true, we found a nice family fro him and he already moved into his new home *** UPDATE ***

Toffee is a 1-year old large, now sterilized male Golden Retriever who is looking for a home with people who are happy to meet his needs and will appreciate his loyalty and friendship.

He was removed from a family who had bought the puppy as yet another toy for their child. Although the only human contact he received was a rare bath and, far more frequently, mishandling by the young child, he remains affectionate, also with children. A Care for Dogs volunteer who lives opposite this family eventually persuaded them to part with their canine status symbol and Toffee is now being fostered until a suitable new home is found for him. He soon learned to retrieve balls and is getting used to being groomed and gently disciplined. If you are seriously interested in taking over this dog, please contact contact@carefordogs.org.

Toffee 2

Toffee 3

Toffee 4

Posted: Sunday 2nd Jun 2013
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