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There cannot be enough – Santisook Cat Rescue – New Kitten Shelter in Town

Chiang Mai is not Thailand’s smallest town and region and often rescue calls reach us not only from town and suburbs but from the country side, too.
So there are times Care for Dogs faces challenges one animal rescue group is not enough to handle and that’s a fact even when our focus is about dogs. But often we find cats in need, too and we don’t close our eyes on their needs either.

As just one example we came across that case of animal hoarding in Payao, a big number of cats in terrible conditions, we were desperate and acknowledging our limited resources we looked around for help and found support other animal rescue groups like recently Santisook which has agreed to take in 8 cats, we appreciate their help very much.

Despite our efforts with sterilization programs, education initiatives with schools on animal welfare and acting as an adoption agencies to reduce the number of stray dogs (and cats), it seems we always work to our full capacity at the shelter only able to take in most urgent cases.

Now we received info from Gill who announced the opening of Sanitsiook’s brand new Cat Rescue Shelter.
And though (or because?) I’m afraid their new shelter will be full in no time, we give a big welcome to that additional support for animals in need in the Chiang Mai area – There cannot be enough!

Here what Gill wrote:

Santisook Cat Rescue ~ Invitation

Sunday 26th August

Come and join us for a traditional Thai, House Blessing Ceremony at our new Cat Rescue Shelter and boarding cattery in Doi Saket. We want to share this auspicious day with cat lovers and friends in Chiang Mai. Come and join the party and hang out with our gorgeous rescued cats and kittens!

..of course, dog lovers are welcome too! >^..^< If you can't make it, or don't live in Chiang Mai, maybe you can link up and Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/santisookdogandcatrescue

Kh Fon, Gill, Kh Lek

Posted: Sunday 19th Aug 2012
Category: Pet Network Chiang Mai

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  1. Hello!
    Wish all the best for the opening ceremony, and for what inevitably will follow! yes, there is never enough, and they need great people like you all! no matter its dogs, cats, binturongs or whatever! great you do this!

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