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The Mark of Zorro

There is something about Zorro. To know him is to love him. To not know him is to be mildly uncomfortable by his presence, to say the least.

Honestly, I could play the writer’s game and tell you how lovely he looks when the sun reflect off of his amputation nub, or talk up those beautiful brown eyes, but who are we kidding? Zorro is not likely to win any beauty contests. Furthermore, he is nearly hairless, sports a tough guy Mohawk and is scarred up from his outright determination to get into dogfights with incredible regularity.

To ice the cake, Zorro is afraid of strangers, barking at them before slinking away for the first few days when they are around. Let’s be real, Zorro is what some would call “a dog with low adoption prospects.” But perhaps that in itself is one of his most endearing traits. Pardon the expression, but let’s scratch just below his surface.

You see Zorro is not as he first appears. He loves his people. Those who earn his trust are followed all around the shelter by this three-legged shadow whenever they work in the main yard. When ‘his chosen people’ take a rest, he is the first one there waiting for love. Most of his squabbles escalate from his being jealous of other dogs getting attention he has so patiently been waiting for. He is loyal to a fault.

So let’s look at Zorro’s good points, the points that any person looking to adopt a special buddy should consider:

  1. He is a tripod dog, so he has fewer nails to clip.
  2. Zorro uses very little shampoo
  3. He is leash trained and loves to go for his daily hop, but doesn’t need to venture far.
  4. Zorro is overflowing with a love of people. He lights up with happiness when he gets some one-on-one time.
  5. He is definitely a conversation starter

Seriously, many of us out there prefer rescuing misfit dogs – dogs with little hope of finding a best friend for life. I give you their king, the ultimate misfit – King Zorro. He’d do best in a one-dog home with you as the one who save him.

Take 2 minutes, close your eyes and think about these questions:

  • How you would feel, being the ultimate hero to a dog who had little hope of ever finding a loving home?
  • How would it feel to know you were the one who visited the shelter repeatedly for several days, knowing he was worth it, and untimely winning Zorro’s heart?
  • What would it be like to look into those beautiful brown eyes and know that you are Zorro’s entire world?
  • What pride could you take in knowing you’ve done what no one else would do?
  • Is there a better connection to have with any dog?

Your eyes are now open. See Zorro’s beauty (and the way the sunlight shines off the nub).

Posted: Thursday 3rd Mar 2011
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  1. I, too, am so happy to be one of Zorro’s people! He is truly loyal to a fault. Great story about this very special boy…Joy

  2. Has his thyroid ever been checked? An slow working thryoid can cause aggression issues and skin issues as seen on the pictures.

    I have seen this in both my own GSD (rip) and a boxer that stayed with me over half a year.
    Although, the results of my GSD came back within normal range. When you look at the average of the normal range, all test results were below that. He reacted well on a low dose of thyroid pills. The boxer was more clear on hypo-thyroidism, and also she reacted well on thryoid pills.

    It may be worth checking (if not done already) 🙂

  3. Hi, wondering if Zorro is safe now? Has a forever home?


  4. Right now, Zorro is still a resident at CfD’s shelter.
    Though luckily he got adopted, “only” problem his new family is in Canada and we still look for a flighpartner to Vancover.
    If you know someone flying Bangkok to Canada (Vancover) who would be willing please let us know.

  5. Thank you to everyone who has been caring for Zorro and searching for answers to his medical challenges so he can finally come and live with us here in Canada. If the Thailand and Canadian authorities had hearts as big as the rest of us, then the beurocratic challenges may be more easily overcome. However, I will not rest until Zorro is safely home with us here in Canada. Until then, thank you gain to everyone – from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

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