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As long as I can remember, dogs have had a very special place in my life. During my childhood as well as when I started living together with my wife Katalin. As from 2005 we have radically changed our way of living. Not only did we quit our jobs, but we also emigrated from the Netherlands to France. After having worked for nearly 20 years  in an office as a tax consultant, it was time for me to move to the country side, to renovate our old farm and to start travelling.

Up to now we have had three Welsh Springer Spaniels. All three of them have passed away and at the moment we wait with the adoption of new dogs, because we are often  away from home for quite some time. We think it would not be good for the dog(s) to lodge them somewhere else for a long period.

In the Netherlands I have worked with dogs as a volunteer for many years. Being a member of the board in a shelter for dogs and cats I have contributed to the construction of a very modern facility. Furthermore I have worked as a caretaker for the dogs in the same shelter.

During one of our backpack travels we met a young Dutch lady in Laos, who told us about her work as a travel volunteer at Care for Dogs in Chiang Mai. Being dog lovers we immediately were very interested and as our journey was leading us to Chiang Mai, we wrote down the address. When we arrived in Chiang Mai we contacted CfD through e-mail and made an appointment to visit them. We were very impressed by the good work they do and we knew instantly that this visit needed a follow up. After returning home we started translating articles for the Dutch website. The next winter we returned to Thailand to travel around, but only after we had spent three weeks at CfD as travel volunteers.

It is not always easy for me to witness how people treat animals all around the world. Unfortunately dogs are no exception to this. When you sometimes witness how they are being abused, neglected and abandoned, it is good to see that an organisation as CfD stands up for these dogs. The sterilisation of dogs, the treatment of diseases and wounds, the search for loving homes and the informing of the population, are activities which appeal to me very much. That is why I find it important to support CfD. As a sponsor to help make the caring for dogs possible, as a translator to interest others and to inform them about the developments, and as a travel volunteer to be actually involved with the dogs.

The pure and sincere love of a dog and his unconditional loyalty are the ingredients for me to dedicate a large part of my life to these friends.