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I am a novelist from the Netherlands (1964), and I grew up with dogs. We used to have little dogs (pinschers), which I loved very much. When Michel and I started living together we shared the wish to have dogs. A couple of years later we adopted a Welsh Springer Spaniel, and two more would follow.

I loved our dogs, because they were such nice companions. They were always happy and in for a hug when I came home from my work as a lawyer. I liked walking the dogs in the woods or in the village. They asked a lot of attention, and gave much love in return.

A few years ago we moved from the Netherlands to France. After our last spaniel had died at the respectable age of 15, we decided not to adopt a new dog for a while, because we want to travel and we think it is not right to leave a dog with someone else for a long period. Now we enjoy to make journeys in wintertime, if possible, but nevertheless we miss having a four legged friend in our house.

While we were backpacking through Laos we met a Dutch lady, who had been a travel volunteer at Care for Dogs. Because we happened to be on our way to Chiang Mai we decided to visit the shelter. I immediately was impressed. The dogs are really kind and the shelter has a friendly atmosphere, where the animals live together in a large space with open cages, little houses and benches. It is fantastic that the Care for Dogs foundation does so much good for street dogs, only based on donations and volunteers, and without receiving any subsidizing from the Thai government. Michel and I knew instantly that we wanted to contribute. We started making translations for the website in Dutch. And we returned to work as volunteers with the dogs in the shelter. That was really fun and very fulfilling.