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Pamela Bayer – Medical Coordinator

I have always loved working with animals. I am also very interested in animal welfare, helping animals in need, doing something important.

I travelled to Thailand and volunteered at Care for Dogs Foundation. The plan was to stay for a month, but the plan changed because I have been given a great opportunity as medical coordinator and joint the Care for Dogs Team.
Personally, I can say I live my dream. In Austria, I did not find what I was looking for but now I have.

Care for Dogs does the best to help the many stray dogs (and cats too) in the Chiang Mai area and I try as part of the Care for Dogs Team to do my best in this role as Medical Coordinator.
There are so many street dogs which have health problems and need medical treatment.

I can recommend to anyone who loves dogs and wants to do something to help them, visit us at Care for Dogs Foundation. The dogs will thank you for that!