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Khun Jum – Accountant

I am a normal person who loves dogs and cats but I’d never imagined that one day I would work for their well being. Now they are part of my life.

I worked in many leading companies and I had good and bad experiences. On many occasions I felt tired, tired with competition, tired of working with people who always wear a mask.

I started working with Care For Dogs because of my brother’s suggestion, whom adopted a dog from here. All my life I have been asking myself what is a good job? I know now this is the best job for me and it is who I am a person. I can be myself and work with my heart.

Working with Care For Dogs is completely different from my previous jobs. I don’t need to wear beautiful clothes for work, I don’t need to wear a mask to interact with others. All I need to do is help and love them. If you give them that they will not expect anything else. All they want from you is love.

You can never guess how hard we work here. At Care For Dogs we have abandoned dogs, injured dogs from road accidents, dogs abused by their owners. When I say hard work it is not physical work but we have to deal with people who are ignorant and abandon their dogs. Today I would like to be a voice for these dogs both in the shelter and outside to ask you, Thai people, please do not overlook and please help them. Do not pass the responsibility to others. They are Thai dogs even if they are not your dogs but they have feelings, they have a heart like you do but they just cannot talk that is all.

Every job has both bad and good sides. This job is the same. I have not only bad experiences but I also meet Thai and foreigners who are very kind to help us out. They give us support to help these dogs.
I would like to thank Karin and Amandine who got this foundation started. Many dogs will have an opportunity to have their healthy life back. I believe that the dogs are also thankful to Karin and Amadine.
I also would like to thank Ally for a little note that she left for me. That note said “Be strong! Cats and Dogs need you”. You don’t know how much the note means to me. It is always in my mind, whenever I am tired from work I will think of it and it gives me strength to keep going.

I would like to say thank you to my brother who is sick at the moment. If one day he has a chance to read this I want him to know that I love him very much. I also want him to know that I am working hard for him and I am praying for him. I would like to dedicate all my merit that I am gaining from this job to him and wish him to get well soon.
Thank you to my family who gave me a chance to live in this world. They are always by my side and support me.

I would like to thank the kind-hearted Thai people and every volunteer who help us. Every little thing that you do gives valued support to dogs here and hundreds of others at temples and streets. It is also a great support to our team.
Thank you to all the dogs here including the one that went back home or even the ones that passed on. While I am helping them, they are helping me too, because when I feel tired and fed up with life, their love encourages me to live on.
Finally I feel thankful to Care For Dogs for giving me a chance to discover myself, my real self. I have also discovered what “the best job” is. Care For Dogs made me discover the most important thing in my life.
I love Care For Dogs