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Life is all about Team Work. Our continuing success here at Care for Dogs would be almost impossible without the commitment, support and tremendous spirit of the hard working team members in our group.


Care for Dogs, as a non-profit-organization, was founded in June 2006 by Karin Hawelka from Germany, along with two colleagues who have since resigned. Karin and her family have been based in Thailand since 2004. The decision to found Care for Dogs was inspired by individual efforts with numerous dogs across the city of Chiang Mai and the belief that by establishing a specific animal care organisation, a shelter, more could be done in a constructive and focused way, while still maintaining the shared objective of improving the health of dogs throughout Chiang Mai. As word of Care for Dogs’ activities reached the local media, more people were drawn to volunteer with Care for Dogs and today the organisation is constantly expanding with a worldwide network of supporters assisting our work in Chiang Mai. Currently there are approximately 180 dogs at the shelter with almost daily intakes of new dogs needing sterilization or medical help. Approximately 200 of these rescued dogs will find a new home every year.

Many people might look at a suffering dog in the street and feel pity or sorrow at the animals plight and buy it some food. But it takes special people, who upon seeing this same situation, commit to help suffering dogs, not just for one day but regularly, and create a platform to make this possible.

Because of Care for Dogs commitment and growth it became a legally registered charity in Thailand in 2009 and is now known as a foundation.

As acting president, Karin Hawelka is responsible for the mission and objectives of Care for Dogs, how donations and support are secured, how the organisation of Care for Dogs can be developed and how to make Chiang Mai a better place for our canine companions. Karin has been working as a volunteer since the start of Care for Dogs.

The organisations’s structure is easiest to understand divided into the following Teams:

The Shelter Team

The shelter team consists of one Medical Coordinator, two Charity Support Coordinators (one Thai and one English), three dog caretakers, one driver and two all-rounders. These committed people act as the professional backbone that runs the shelter day in and day out. In addition, there are two part-time employees (one Adoption Fair & Merchandise Coordinator and one who performs Adoption Follow-up Visits). The work at our busy rescue shelter is often very demanding and Care for Dogs is overjoyed to have such a dedicated team to ensure the daily operational and organisational tasks are managed with such love and skill.

The Volunteer Team

Volunteers are also a very important resource at Care For Dogs.

These volunteers have either chosen to develop their own roles, bringing their specialist background to our group, or work hands on getting ‘down & dirty & well-licked’ with the dogs at the shelter.

Care for Dogs has a team of approximately 30 local and international volunteers who are based in Chiang Mai. Furthermore volunteers travel from all over the world to join the team regularly during their holiday or trip abroad. Volunteers at the shelter often devote hours and days to bathe, groom, walk and socialise the dogs at the shelter or help with their medical or emotional care. There are other volunteers who help with maintenance, fostering, education, adoption PR, adoption fairs, administration, texting, editing, fundraising, volunteer introductions, social media, design, and so much more.

The website www.carefordog.org is available beside English in 2 additional languages (German and Thai ). This has only been made possible by a dedicated team of translators based in Thailand and Europe under the guidance of our volunteer webmaster. These translators, while focusing their attention on Care for Dogs, also encourage readers of their material to become active in animal welfare matters or help Care for Dogs directly.

The main aim of the Care for Dogs website is to increase worldwide awareness of the difficulties faced by dogs in Chiang Mai. Hopefully, this is achieved by showing real situations and actual events in some detail and highlighting our constant need for support. Donations of money, time, skill and resources are essential to enable Care for Dogs to continue to make a difference.We highly value and greatly appreciate all of our wonderful volunteers!