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Sterilisation Summary

The word Sterilisation may not communicate the procedure correctly to all readers as in some countries, it is referred to as Spay / Neuter / Sterilization / Fixing or “The Snip”. But in Chiang Mai Thailand, we refer to the process of removal of female dog’s or cat’s ovaries as “Sterilisation”.

We focus upon the female operation because it is the most effective route to reducing the number of puppies and kittens born, despite the surgical operation being slightly more expensive than the sterilisation procedure on a male dog. If we were to spend donated money equally on male and female surgical procedures, the resultant birth reduction would not be the same.

Cynthia after her operation, wearing a lick protective collar for 1 week

Care for Dogs believe that sterilisation is the right approach to reducing the number of homeless puppies and kittens and it remains our main priority.

We maintain a regular number of sterilisations every month and each year we aim to increase our previous years achievements. Please view our sterilisation statistics to appreciate our true commitment to reducing over population.

Please note, these numbers are only possible if we receive adequate financial support – through donations.

Ideally we would like to be able to increase this level.

The typical sterlisation process carried out by Care for Dogs is a simple one.

  1. Identify the dogs requiring sterilisation
  2. Temporarily home the dog at the shelter for a short period to asses it’s health condition and ultimately to cease the feeding of the dog 12 hours before an operation
  3. Arrange with a veterinarian to perform the sterilsation
  4. Deliver the dog to the veterinarian
  5. Collect the dog after surgery and pay for the procedure
  6. Return the dog to the shelter and administer post op medical care – anti inflammatory and anti biotic medicines, the fitting of a plastic anti lick collar and daily wound dressing
  7. Return the dog to the place it came from, unless the dog is staying at the shelter for either further medical treatments or possible adoption.

The cost ? Each female dog currently costs about 800 baht (cats 650) which is the approximate equivalent of 20$US or 16 Euros. This money is largely for the cost of the anesthetic used and currently we do not have a volunteer trained veterinarian to perform the operations for free.

If you would like to help reduce the population of homeless dogs in Chiang Mai, it is very easy for you to make a contribution, please support us with a donation.