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Somwan and Sukjai look for a smooth transfer

We try to help those responsible people who try to find a new home for their pets when circumstances force them to part instead of going the easy way and just leave them on a street behind.

Like David who asked us for helping to find a new place for two kittens, that’s what he writes:


Would you please put an ad to help place two lovely , young cats?

You helped us placing 2 earlier this year and we are hoping you’d do it again. We had two kittens dropped here about a year ago- that added to our 7 cats makes for a full house. We have our house for sale and need to find homes for 2 young,friendly, people loving cats. here are some pictures.

The orange male and his sister, the neutered black are about 1 year old. They have had their shots. They are on the small side and have
lived inside and out and crave attention from humans. Both are extremely mild mannered, gentle and have been loved and cared for by us, but sadly we need to find them another good home.

Thank you if you would be kind enough to help us

If you’re interested and could offer one or both kittens which already are used to an family environment a new home, please contact David by email: dstodd29@gmail.com or phone: 0857089509

Posted: Monday 12th Nov 2012
Category: Cats

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