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Robin and her Family

CfD don’t forget our former proteges always trying to keep in touch and we enjoy when we can share our success stories. Thanks Khun Thantawan Teengam for providing us with your story of Robin and your family:

We adopted Robin, a two month old female puppy, from Care for Dogs on the 4th of March this year.

We already have an 8 year old male golden retriever, Taro, at home. Taro likes to play dolls with us a lot. Taro felt a bit jealous the first day Robin arrived but that was no surprise.

We tried not to make Taro feel like having Robin around will make him any less important to us. We’d give rewards to Taro first, every time. Robin spent her first night at our house with Taro in his mosquito-proof cage. That night we heard barks. We first thought that the barks would be Robin’s, however, we were wrong. Taro was barking as Robin keep trying to sleep on his leg. The same thing happened again and again for 3 days.

The forth day, they became best friends. Robin has been a major troublemaker ( in a cute way). She has been playing tug with Taro everyday which Robin has never given up even if she was bouncing up and down as Taro pulled on the other end of the rope. We called her Robin because we found her at Robinson, where the adoption fair was held.

However, we now think the name might be too manly as Robin is now behaving like a tough boy. Oh, Robin.

Some time after Robin’s adoption, Khun Ou, CfD’s follow up visitor, had a little checking what’s about Robin’s feeling and as she got a completely positive feedback, here what she heard in an interview with Robin ;-):

“Can anyone remember me? Now I’m as big as uncle Taro and I don’t have to snuggle up with uncle Taro to fall asleep anymore but we still play with each other everyday. I’m very happy with my family in a big house with a big garden of about 3 rai!”

Robin: When I was young

Robin and uncle Taro – Before and Now

Posted: Wednesday 27th Jun 2012
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  1. That’s so cute. Reminds me of our dogs with our Golden ‘big brother Jasper’. I really love reading about happy endings 🙂

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