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One Gorgeous Pick-Up – a new donation of Susy Utzinger Foundation

Visit at Susy Utzinger’s Foundation’s office in Sept. 2012 (Left: Susy Utzinger, middle: Monique Carrera, Bluemoon Egypt, right: Karin Hawelka, Care for Dogs)

When we started Care for Dogs in 2006 we were in urgent need of support. We contacted many different animal welfare organisations and one of them, Susy Utzinger and her Foundation in Switzerland, responded swiftly. Her support has been continuing ever since.

Over the years Susy’s Foundation has helped us in supporting our sterilization programs, covered the cost of the construction of a quarantine room, contributed to the costs for the set-up of our vet clinic, sponsored an autoclave and – in our latest great news – is now sponsoring the purchase of a second hand pick-up truck! Our previous 20 year old pick-up truck has caused us more and more headaches due to ongoing and increasing repair costs. A pick-up truck is essential for our work to transport dogs for sterilization, pick up sick and injured dogs, carry dogs and merchandise to our regular adoption fairs and buy dog food and other shelter supplies. So, of course, we were delighted when we got this fantastic news!

Susy “hands on” in one of the many field trips at a shelter

The main aim of Susy’s Foundation, The Susy Utzinger Animal Protection Trust, is the improvement of the quality of animal homes and animal protection projects in Switzerland as well as internationally e.g. in Egypt, Romania, Hungary, Cyprus, Gabun and Thailand. Susy and her team organize volunteer and sterilization projects, tackle the restructuring of animal homes, give advice for construction and management, provide training of local staff and help to optimise animal shelters.

The foundation also organise donations of new or second-hand pet material – after every visit to Susy’s office our suitcases are filled with leashes, collars, toys, and medical supplies for our shelter and even a cat trapping cage that accompanied us to Chiang Mai. The motto of Susy Utzinger and her team is: “We cannot watch animals suffering. We take action and lend a helping hand.” Their work has met with great success and animals in many countries have benefited from their support. You can find more information at www.susyutzinger.ch or visit www.facebook.com/susy.utzinger

Here just some examples of what the donations were used for:

The old truck: 20 years and an increasing number of repair costs!

The new second-hand pick-up truck – carefully inspected by volunteer Eddie

We can’t wait to see the new pick-up truck in action!

A roof will be added to give protection from sun and rain

2009: Co-sponsoring of the set-up of our operation room

Donation of an Autoclave to sterilise operation instruments in 2011

Sponsoring of the set-up of a quarantine room for puppies and dogs in recovery in 2007

Thanks again Susy! Your kind and valuable support and generosity brings new life and hope to our many dogs in need and makes the progress of Care For Dogs easier for us humans!
Posted: Tuesday 4th Dec 2012
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