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Health conditions – Before and After Photos

Health conditions for many dogs living poorly on the streets and in temples can cause the dog to die a long an painful death.

Whether it be through weakness to find food or from viral or parasitic infections, they are sure to deteriorate if not assisted by humans using appropriate medications and treatment plans.

Below are just a few examples of the types of conditions dogs face here in Thailand. Most of the problems they face are curable and most of them preventable.

Some the photographs show blood and raw flesh. If you are easily offended or squeamish, please be warned you may not wish to view the larger image which is available in a separate page.

All images on the left are taken at the start of treatment. The images on th right are after treatment.


Wallace was an ‘owner’ dog, living on the street outside his owners motor repair shop with a gang of other family dogs.

His mange went unchecked for a long time but when he was rescued to the shelter for his treatment, he settled into the daily medication of Ivomectin. Veterinarians tested to find that Wallace had both forms of mange, Sarcoptic and Dermodectic.

Wallace - 12 February 2007 Wallace 27 April 2007

Some other cases of Mange


Licorice on her arrival at the shelter Licorice-two months later


Big-6 Apri 2007 Big-2 June 2007

Moo Ping

Moo Ping 10 October 2007 Moo Ping 20 October 2007(Just 10 days later)


Jamie 18 October 2007 Jamie 08 December 2007

Tua Lek

Tua Lek after arrival Tua Lek-two months later


Namtaan Namtaan-two months later
Transmissible Venereal Tumor

Daeng was an ‘owner’ dog found walking around roads near her home. Another dog (male) in the same household also had a severe tumor.

Typical treatment of this condition is a series, approximately 5 – 7 depending on weight of the dog, intravenous injections of Vincristine.

Both Daeng & her house mate fully recovered from this curable condition.

(First seen November 2006 but not captured for treatment until February 2007)

Do you want to see the tumor before treatment?

(Photo can be disturbing to some readers)

Effect of treatment after just 1 monthDaeng after just a month