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Karin vaccinates Victoria at Airport Plaza after sterilisation

    Sterilisation / Sterilization / Spaying
  • Annual Goal 2013 = 500 Female dogs and cats in target areas and communities
  • Adoption programmes
  • Annual Goal 2013 = Re-homing 200 dogs and cats
  • Starving homeless dog

    Medical care for dogs in need
  • e.g. mange, distemper, parvo virus, kennel cough, venereal diseases, tumors, some rabies cases, abused dogs, accidents
  • Regularly vaccinate
  • Annual Goal 2013 = 900 puppies and dogs (incl. rabies)
  • Looking for suitable adoption families
  • for homeless puppies and dogs (through advertisements and announcements)
  • Education activities
  • School projects

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