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Volunteer & make a difference

  • Reducing the overpopulation of street and temple dogs through sterilisation /spaying /sterilization programs and adoptions
  • Running of a rescue centre for puppies and dogs (which is used for adoptions, after-care from surgery/sterilisation, or for transitional rescue for dogs that are threatened of being killed.)
  • Improving the health status of homeless dogs (through vaccinations, organising medical care in cooperation with vets)
  • Fighting Dog Meat Trade, homeless dogs become all to often victims of the dog meat trade caught, tortured to death only to end up as delicay on someone table
  • Helping people help their dogs through:
  • Cooperation with monks and employees of temples to improve the situation of the temple dogs
  • Information to dog owners about sterilisations, medical care, taking them along with us to the vet, showing people how to show affection through gentle play and petting
  • Reducing death rate by helping people understand that there are solutions other than killing dogs
  • School education activities to make the younger generation more aware of animal welfare
  • Although we concentrate mainly on dogs, we are able to facilitate treatment and sterilisations for cats as well as liaising with nuns at temples who foster kittens and adult cats if people are interested in adoption.

    Sad temple dog

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