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Na Mon – Cool Doggy likes to have fun with You

209925_10151302847694044_1173040203_o Na Mon
It’s a perfect time of year for sharing a bit of good cheer–please consider adoption for a dog in need and forever change their life in the most meaningful way-giving them a home of their own!
Na Mon is shy with new people but if you’re a little patient he is such a cool dog. He loves walks and playing. He would makes you laugh a lot, if you are considering adopting this little guy you’d have a lot of fun together.
Posted: Monday 24th Dec 2012
Category: Available for Adoption, Dog of the Week

" Being part of the team I think, was so much more effective. If alone, I would only have given a street dog some food for few days, not knowing what else to do in a strange town when seeing a sick dog. Joining with the other volunteers at CfD, I was part of a steady approach. You give dogs some hope for a better life and don't have to disappoint them when they might wait on you, when your plane already took off. Here is a team and it's just another friendly face, the next (holiday) volunteer will take up your work. [More about Michael]"
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