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Lost and Found – CfD tries to help

lost dogDid you notice? Some weeks ago,  we set up a new Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ChiangMaiPetsLostAndFound dedicated to assist owners looking for their missed pet or people finding one in search for its owner, so far its restricted to cases in Chiang Mai area town and province.
We contact colleagues of other animal rescue organisations and platforms in Chiang Mai and invite them joining us by sharing news about lost or found pets using this new page as a kind of distribution center. Beside organizations individuals too can post cases they are involved and we promise to share their posts to those internet platforms available to us.

Please help to spread the news and may be this additional instrument helps to reunite one or another helpless dog and its desperate owner.

Here some more advice for responsible animal lovers, to keep in mind:

For dog owners:

  • On noisy holidays (i.e. New year, Songkran), please keep you dogs inside.
  • If your dog is a new family member, be aware it takes time until its little brain really understands it found a for ever home. So for the first weeks be extra careful and take time to exercise and play with your dog to ease that process.
  • Take special care when your dogs are with you in non familiar area as they could go out “hunting” or run away because something frightens them.
  • When putting on a leash make sure that the collar isn’t too tight or too loose (approx. one finger width between collar and neck would be ideal).
  • Take care of the quality of collar and leash – too cheap could become more expensive in the long run


  • Let your dog always wear a collar
  • Mark your dog, ie. write a note to the collar with the name of the dog and your contact data or buy a name tag
  • Microchip your dog
  • Take a portrait photo of your dog that you could use in an ad

When it happens (first things first)

  • Take the time to stay around where you lost your dog, look around and call her/him.
  • Ask around in the area as soon as possible and leave your contact data
  • Put up flyers in the area with characteristics of your dog , incl. place and time it disappeared and your contact data
  • Contact animal rescue organisations / police in the area
  • Use other media too, e.g. “Chiang Mai Pets Lost and Found”-page on facebook
  • An attractive reward can help that people search actively for your dog
  • Ask the local government office called ” Aor Bor Tor” if  they could announce it via local speaker for you and inform the about the reward

For people spotting a dog

How to know if  it is a lost or a street dog:

  • new in the area and looks well looked after
  • wearing a collar
  • offer a treat and see if the dog is used to people

What to do:

  • Ask neighbours / guards etc. if they know the owner
  • Take a photo
  • Try to give some food and water
  • Publish the photo on the internet, e.g. on facebook: “Chiang Mai Pets lost and found”
  • Inform animal shelters in your area (may be they’ve been asked by the owner)
Posted: Monday 31st Dec 2012
Category: Pet Network Chiang Mai

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