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Looking Back: Fundraiser “For our four-legged friends”

band Sometimes when reading posts on our website and you check for  volunteers or authors involved you could get the impression CfD is the charity branch of some expat club – so much internationals.  But fortunately that’s plainly wrong at CfD there’s not only a committed Thai staff, concerned Thai dog lovers informing us of  street dogs in danger or Thai families willing to give one of our shelter dogs a new home. More and more  Care for Dogs (foundation under Thai law) is receiving support by Thai volunteers and Thai local community in general, too. Thus via Care for Dogs helping Chiang Mai’s dogs in need becomes a true joined effort of Thai and international people.

A fine example for the increasing input from Thai site you see here:

We are delighted that our volunteer Thanatip Chankong (Jaew) organized a very successful all Thai fundraising event – with a team of Thai volunteers, supported by Thai musicians and support from restaurants and businesses from the local community! Khun Jaew and her team gathered 10 amazing music groups who all performed for free at this concert at Baan Hum Coffee House.
Our warmest appreciation and Thank You to Khun Jaew, her team, the musicians and all sponsors who helped to make this event a wonderful success. It’s a delight to see their passion for dogs in need! The raised funds will help us to continue our activities for sterilizations, medical care, vaccinations and adoption programs for abandoned puppies and dogs! The team also raised awareness for the situation of many homeless dogs and it was a fantastic chance to get in touch with potential new volunteers and supporters.
Please read below the first hand “live from the concert” report from Khun Jaew and check out the pictures and the music video clips of all musicians.
Wagging tails from all our furry friends,

fressgass dogs there

Even though there was some rain on the night of Dec 1, the charity concert was full of happiness until the end of the event. From sunset onwards wonderful music from great Chiang Mai artists filled the air who came to perform for free because they care for the many homeless dogs in Chiang Mai. Food and beverage booths were sponsored by several cafés and restaurants who donated their income towards the activities of Care for Dogs.
At the silent auction booth eight items from famous artists were on display and also an item from a kind visitor who donated a book for the auction. The income of a live portrait booth from the Fine Arts Faculty was also donated towards Care for Dogs.

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Team members of Care for dogs sold merchandise at their booth as well as raffle tickets for prizes donated from our sponsors. Wonderful posters had been prepared with feed-back of people who have been involved with Care for Dogs, e.g. team members, volunteers, people who adopted dogs or who were flight partners for adopted dogs abroad.
We hope that the wonderful experiences from this team will inspire others to realize that there are many ways to help to solve the street dog problem with us, besides donating funds there are also other ways to help.
The event raised a total income of 29,646.25 Baht.
As coordinator of this event I would like to say a big Thank You to Khun Cha (Harmonica Sunrise Band) for making this event come true . This event wouldn’t have been successful without him.
Also a warm Thank You to Khun Tar from Amusemus for helping to organize the event and to Khun Pom and all staff at Baan Hum Coffee House for offering their wonderful place as venue of this event.
And last but not least, Thank You to all volunteers who helped to organize this event – you all are amazing!
Thanatip Chankong (Jaew)

More pics you find on the Facebook galleries FB page dedicated to that event, i.e. here Gallery1

We would like to say a huge Thank You to the following people and businesses who gave their support for “Four our four-legged friends”:

A warm Thank You to all artists who performed for free at this event. Check out the videos of all involved artists from the following playlist link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5jpLZVyyv4&feature=share&list=PL-879r5tsHg_qs7KQCszN1Bltukw-iBD4)

  • Nai Praisanee
  • Sud Sanan
  • Nai Noi Sawaddee Acoustic
  • Koo Mueng
  • Sai Glang
  • Sonnet and Alcohol
  • Harmonica Sunrise
  • Khun Poo (Khan Arsa)
  • After Bluesmoon
  • Nap a lean


  • Bann Hum Coffee (venue of the concert)
  • Baan Khum Noodle House (tables and chairs)
  • Students from Faculty of Fine Arts,Chiang Mai University (live portrait booth)
  • Students from Volunteering Club, Faculty of Engineering ,Chiang Mai University (stage and light)
  • Music club, College of Arts, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University (sound and music instruments)
  • Khun Nu, Khun Tong (MC)
  • Khun Nol (backstage)
  • Khun Cherry , Adoption Fair Coordinator, Care for Dogs

Donation of auction items

  • Pup Potato; cap (600 Baht)
  • Pup Potato: shirt (1’000 Baht)
  • Praew Kanitkul : book (300 Baht)
  • Sawasdee acoustic: CD (100 Baht)
  • Miss Noy: Painting by Khun Thong Udompol (1200 baht)
  • Karn Hum: Handmade Key Chain (600 baht)
  • Khun Na Boon: Book “Marley : A dog like no other” (300 baht)
  • Sud Sanan: CD (550 baht)

Food and drinks

  • Baan Aom Buffet
  • Baan Khum Noodle house
  • Natang Coffee
  • Baan Mee Oon
  • October
  • Studio Mundee


  • Jitlada Music School
  • Nonnipa
  • Happy 2 go 2 School
  • Hatena
  • The Trust Townhome
  • Zebra Code
  • Wiriyadee Studio
  • Idea and Dezign
  • Nok ‘Em Ded Design
  • Oasis Spa
  • Amusemus
Posted: Sunday 23rd Dec 2012
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