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Introducing a new dog to the pack!

I’ve often been asked- how do we add a dog to our dog pack without problems? The answer involves a series of steps; a dog that comes to our shelter will be vaccinated, deflea/deticked, and assessed in our clinic area, away from the other dogs.

He/she will then go into our quarantine area for observation for at least several days. At this point, the dog will adapt to our shelter and our staff and will “smell” of less fear and of outside smells. Depending on temperament and medical condition, we then select an area for the dog to be placed in. One of our staff members brings the dog to that area and stays with the dog until the other dogs have sniffed the new dog and have accepted it into their territory. Overall, the process works well!

PS: featured in this photo is Twilight, a blind dog we reincorporated into our shelter today after several months of fostering.

Posted: Thursday 15th Nov 2012
Category: Shelter

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