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Hands on with Dog Massage

Thailand’s reputation for great massages is second only to its reputation for great food. Traveler’s come from around the world to study massage in the Kingdom. Why shouldn’t our special dogs get in on the fun too?

This Wendsday Canine Massage Specialist Ken Miner from Victoria, British Columbia stopped by the shelter with his wife Eleanor.  In Canada the couple volunteers at their local rescue, so they are no strangers to shelter dogs. Here their mission was four-fold:

1)      Spend some quality time socializing with the dogs

2)      Take photos at the shelter, then follow Maggie out to some of the Wats under her care for some temple dog photography

3)      Look into possibilities for helping network, fundraise or even producing a photo book to help dogs.

4)      Last, and certainly not least, the duo would give the staff and volunteers a brief introduction to canine massage

Ken and Eleanor made a visibly strong connection with many of the dogs during their all-too-brief visit, but they touched Sam most of all – literally. Sam the dog proved to be a more than willing demo dog for Ken as he worked his massage magic. A bit nervous at first, both Ken and Sam settled in nicely and everyone was treated to a relaxing, educational talk.

The relaxation techniques proved contagious. While the group sat on the shelter’s front patio studying the art of massage, every dog in the shelter quieted down to a level of silence rarely achieved when people are around. You literally could have heard a kibble drop. It was amazing.

After the demonstration participants gathered for lunch at our favorite roadside café, then said goodbye to Ken and Eleanor for now. But, I have a feeling they will be back. Sometimes the loudest callings in life come from the quietest moments.

*     *     *     *     *

You can learn more about Ken, K9Massage, see his beautiful dog photography and more at: http://www.zuludog.ca

Posted: Thursday 13th Jan 2011
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  1. On behalf of everyone at NWSAM: Great Job Ken! It is so exciting for us as educators to see our graduates sharing the work we love so dearly throughout the world. Just one more example that people’s love for our animals is universal.

    Sam is a very lucky boy. :~)

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