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Gook Gai – Just a Sweet Guy

Gook Gai
This lovely little man is the sweetest guy ever. He is around 4-5 years of age and a medium size. He was born with a problem in his back legs but it does not stop him from getting around and showing his glorious personality! He loves human contact and is quite content with pets and some well-deserved attention. Once you meet him, you may just fall in love!
Posted: Tuesday 6th Nov 2012
Category: Available for Adoption, Dog of the Week

" Being part of the team I think, was so much more effective. If alone, I would only have given a street dog some food for few days, not knowing what else to do in a strange town when seeing a sick dog. Joining with the other volunteers at CfD, I was part of a steady approach. You give dogs some hope for a better life and don't have to disappoint them when they might wait on you, when your plane already took off. Here is a team and it's just another friendly face, the next (holiday) volunteer will take up your work. [More about Michael]"
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