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Finally! – Animal Welfare Bill Passed Parliament

A big step in Thailand’s Animal Welfare: House of Representative Passed Thailand First Animal Welfare Bill for the First Time in the Country’s History!!!

Thailand House Representatives voted by common consent 325 to 0 for the long awaited
Animal Welfare Bill for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The main points in this proposed bill consist of:

  • To decide the definition of ‘animals’, ‘ill treatment’, ‘animal welfare’, and ‘animal welfare organization’
  • To specify the elements, authority and function of the National Animal Welfare and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Commission
  • To legally register juristic body of persons or legal entity, whose purpose is / or who perform to prevent cruelty to animals or
    maintain animal welfare
  • To legally register non-profit animal welfare organizations
  • To regulate the measures prohibiting the act of cruelty which creates unnecessary suffering to animals
  • To stipulate the duties of persons responsible for animals to ensure suitable welfare including way of transport animals to work or to perform a show, and to stop animal abandoning.
  • To authorize officials to inspect suspected venues and vehicles for animal ill treatment, or to confiscate animals or carcasses if necessary
  • To regulate the civil penalties

A big Thank You to TSPCA + Lifestock Department who have developed and submitted the draft of this law to parliament, to all animal welfare organisations and individuals who have helped to raise awareness for the importance of this topic, and to all House representatives for the great consentaneous result of this vote!

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We hope that with the new laws finally legal action can be taken against animal abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Posted: Thursday 1st Nov 2012
Category: Lead Stories, Pet Network Chiang Mai

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