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Elvin – latest dumped Puppy

Care for Dogs gets more and more popular in and around Chiang Mai. That is to some people it becomes an alternative to traditional local temples when looking for a destination to dump a dog. This kind of popularity more and more becomes a difficult challenge for Care for Dogs and we can only pray that popularity withing the good people will help us to find enough volunteers, enough donations, enough families willing to adopt dogs from us or people helping fostering so we can keep the pace.

Here just the latest example reported by Khun Jum:

elvin Elvin is a little boy that was dumped in front of the shelter.

Yesterday morning we found this little boy on the street in front of our shelter. He was crying non-stop and Khun Bee found that he couldn’t move and his front left leg and the back right leg looked unnormal. He hardly could control himself to stand up and was obviously suffering. We took him to the hospital and after being x-rayed, the vet found that his legs were broken. He performed surgery yesterday and now he is recovering at the shelter.

It’s very hard to see the dogs that are dumped off at the shelter. It’s quite very often now. Several days ago we also found 2 distemper puppies in a small sack and 6 puppies in a cage. It’s really so sad to see it almost everyday now. And I would like to tell everyone that we’re helping animals and trying very hard to do the work. Only one organization is not enough to handle the street dog problem here in Chiang Mai. We also need help from everyone. Please be responsible for your animals. Vaccinate them and get them sterilized!! Please stop dumping the dogs!

Posted: Saturday 29th Dec 2012
Category: Rescue Stories

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