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Hand to Paw Temple Outreach

The following information are given by our dear partners of Hand to Paw – through past years we developed a close and productive relationship supporting each other :

Hand to Paw Temple Outreach is a group of animal-loving PTIS International students, Grades 6-12, working together to promote a sustainable, healthy dog population at the temples in their surrounding community.

We believe the temples are an integral part of our community and the dogs that reside within those grounds are a community responsibility. With love and care we hope to provide these homeless street dogs a secure and healthy environment in which to live.

Our long-term goal is to educate both students and locals against animal cruelty and stress the importance that dog sterilizations, immunizations and basic healthcare can have on our community.

Required immunizations, sterilizations, medical and healthcare supplies and emergency medical treatments are all paid for by PTIS students’ fundraising efforts, donations from the public and the Care for Dog Foundation.

The concept of the program has been favorably accepted by the head abbots and novice monks from our village temples along with the approval of village mayors and elders. Working together, we can make a difference!


Things we do

  • Love and Care by student caretakers. Responsible for one dog during their           program, students assess and tend to their dog for malnutrition, injuries, dog bites,      signs of illness, ticks and fleas with each visit
  • Guarantee that all dogs in our care are sterilized and vaccinated
  • Assess the ever changing growth or loss of the dog population at each temple
  • Carry out fundraising efforts throughout the year to support our many Hand to Paw efforts
  • Offer immediate medical treatment and/or vet visits for any temple dog afflicted with an illness or injury
  • Deter serious illness with regular bathing, spraying for ticks and fleas, and cleaning of food and water bowls with each visit. Heartguard® pills are dispensed for heartworm prevention monthly.
  • Maintain an updated medical history record for every dog under our care
  • Organize community workshops to provide education, vaccines and sterilization assistance for local villagers and their pets
  • Teach the monks how to administer medicines or other treatments for ill or injured dogs at their temples
  • Provide “rapid-response” post-natal care and adoption assistance for abandoned puppies disposed within the temple grounds
  • Donate bi-monthly supplies of dry dog food to support the monks with daily feeding
  • Offer continued care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Educate students how to care for dogs via hands on experience and demonstrations

Our community

Each temple has its own personal dynamics:  village prosperity, dog population, number of monks and living conditions all contribute to these individual environments. Hand to Paw support and assistance differs from one temple to the other at any given time. Over thirty dogs and puppies are in our care and reside at…

Wat Nongplaman

 Wat Mae Ann

Wat Walugararn Huay Sai

Wat Nam Ton


Our joint partnership with The Care for Dogs Foundation

  • Gives volunteers endless support, advice, translation and temple assistance
  • Shares H2P blogs, updates, events and adoption assistance on their CfD website
  • Offers financial support for vaccines/medication and sterilizations
  • Provides temporary shelter for treatment & convalescence for serious injuries or illness at their shelter
  • Makes available to the monks their 24 hour emergency hotline
How you can help?

Would your school like to care for their community temple dogs?
Contact us and talk about how we can work with you to set up your school program. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and offer advice to make this a sustainable program that works for you.

Do you want to become involved with this project?
We need volunteers that can help visit the temple each week with the temple co-ordinator, Joy, during school holidays. University students visiting Thailand that need to fulfill university service hours find the time spent helping the temple dogs a very rewarding experience. If you would like to help with this program or any other Care for Dogs activities, please get in touch.

Want to read more about what’s all about?
There is a handbook online with a lot of details , just click here : Hand to Paw Temple Dog Handbook-A4_2nd-Edition.pdf.

The following schools are currently involved with a temple dog initiative.

Nakorn Payap Internation School (NIS)


The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That’s the essence of inhumanity.

– George Bernard Shaw

Contact Information

Hand to Paw Temple Outreach

PTIS International School
Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning
234 Moo 3, T. Huay Sai, A. Mae Rim
Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 86 197 8398
Email: spikejoy7dogs@gmail.com

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