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ANIMAL AWARENESS EDUCATION – Care for Dogs’ Educational programs

Many people have dogs in their homes, but very few have any idea about the responsibility it takes to properly care for them. Because people don’t understand that dogs have feelings of fear, love and loneliness, because they don’t take the time to train them, because sometimes they see their dogs as aggressive and dangerous, these dogs are left on the streets or in the temples to fend for themselves and multiply. Unwanted dogs are neglected, abused, poisoned, or sold for meat. Many dogs are not sterilized resulting in repeated litters of unwanted puppies that nobody takes care of.
Our focus is local. We want to be a part of the solution. We want to provide humane education to the children of Chiang Mai in order to instill a respect and understanding for dogs and consequently work to solve the problem of pet overpopulation on our streets.

Our education programs aims to solve this problem through understanding and respect. Our lessons will help children become familiar with a dog’s physical appearance, to learn his body language to prevent bites, and to identify his needs. It will also bring to light the consequences of neglect and abuse and allow the children to take action. Children are learning the benefits of vaccinating, spaying and training your dog. Humane education instill kindness, caring and responsibility for the children as representatives of their community.

School arrival Classroom Introduction Grooming Session

Care for Dogs have several different kinds of educative schemes to offer for schools and communities:

–      Class visits – one hour general lesson

–      Meet the Dogs – student groups visiting Care for Dogs shelter

–      Care for Dogs Temple Program – NIS International School temple club program

–      Community/village workshops for dog owners

Would your school like to get involved?
Contact us and talk about how we can work with you. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and we can tailor our lessons to fit any age group or English level.

Do you want to become involved with this project? We need volunteers and if you would like to help with this program or any other Care for Dogs activities, please get in touch. We would also like to establish programs for Thai schools and would need volunteers to help us out with the material translations and to visit the schools and communities.

Read more about volunteer opportunities here … or contact us by phone 0847 52 52 55 or email [email protected]

And there even a handbook right here...

The following schools are currently involved with education programs in cooperation with Care For Dogs:

American Pacific International Kindergarten (K3-G1)

Nadrachart Preschool (K3)

PTIS International School

NIS International School

Lanna International School (G6)

Kardinia International School (13-14 years)

This is what Humane Education say about this topic: Humane education can help to create a world whose citizens live with compassion and integrity. Humane education aims to provide children with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices. Humane education will enable future generations to find solutions to their world’s most pressing challenges.