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Donate Summary

How you can help

Care for Dogs is a volunteer group totally dependent upon financial support to reach it’s aims and objectives.

Volunteers commit time and energy but medicines, veterinary charges and vaccinations need to be bought with money.

We need your support in order to grow and help more dogs start wagging their tails again! Small donations can go very far in spreading happiness! As you can see from the examples below, money donated by people living in places like Europe or America, goes a long way.

Any donation made is greatly appreciated and even material donations (e.g. dog food, chew toys, collars, blankets, old towels) or dog-related crafts/items etc (for sale) would be gratefully received.

  • 60 US$/48 Euro Food for 20 dogs for one month
  • 40 US$/32 Euro Treatment for parvo virus or distemper (contagious and fatal)
  • 48 US$/36 Euro Treatment for venereal disease (extremely contagious and fatal)
  • 29 US$/22 Euro Spaying / sterilization of a female dog
  • 8.60 US$/6.50 Euro Vaccinations for a puppy (rabies, parvo virus, distemper etc.)
  • 2 US$ / 2 Euro Treatment for mange for one dog
  • 1 US$ / 1 Euro Dog collar and chew toy
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    Other ways to donate money – Banking Details


    Care for Dogs Foundation
    Kasikorn Bank PCL.
    Branch Siyaek-Sanambin
    Chiang Mai 50200
    Account-No. 414-2-33936-1

    For transfers from abroad to our account in Thailand high fees are charged. Therefore we also collect donations abroad on one of the following accounts and transfer these amounts regularly to our account in Chiang Mai. Whenever you are in Chiang Mai, you are always welcome to view our accounting to see if your donation has been used properly.


    K. Hawelka
    Sparkasse Hochrhein
    Account-No: 6685556
    BLZ 684 522 90
    IBAN: DE30684522900006685556

    Please state “Donation for Care for Dogs Foundation” on all bank transfers and be sure to add your address so that we may contact you.

    Every donation will be used to improve the situation of street and temple dogs in Chiang Mai.

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