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Come in! A Walk through CfD’s Shelter

It’s been almost 2 years since I last visited the shelter, but I still feel incredibly connected. As webmaster of Care for Dogs, I’m always keeping in touch. Through the posts and pictures published over these past few months, showing all those portraits of our handsome doggies and pictures of our pretty volunteers, by looking to the background of those pics I get a regular glimpse of the shelter as it grows and changes. Though this glimpse is wonderful, it wasn’t enough for me!

“What about the infrastructure changes? What about the facility remodeling?” I cried; I was eager to see more.

I asked Kelly to be my eyes and legs and to do a walk through the shelter. Kind as she is, she agreed and, as she not only has eyes and legs but a fantastic sense of photography, she provided me with more than a hundred views! Now it’s time for a closer and keener look so we can discover all the transformations that have taken place at the shelter; many of which have occurred in the past few months!

  • The visitor welcome area now has a tiled floor, my guess is that the main reason was to protect our guests’ clean clothes but, as it turns out, it also helps keep our doggies’ paws clean and allows some of our special canine residents to come and go from the visitor area into the office area.
  • The dogs now have individualized cabins, or should I say condos?, in which they can rest and sleep in, as they want.
  • Too bad; no more muddy paws! We now have a gravel layer which makes it to easy to keep everything clean!
  • What happened to all the bamboo with all those nasty tiny little nails? I already bought an extra bag for all my old trousers which in no time surely would be damaged when trying to sit aside my favorite doggies – for nothing! All of it has been replaced by functional wooden planks.
  • Beautiful and comfortable ramps to some of the platforms have been placed! Now, not only the athletic young boys and girls will be able to enjoy a look from above, but even those elder pals can be included too!

Where ever I look I find those little improvements and honestly I’m deeply impressed with the shelter’s fine design! And that’s simply through looking at pictures! I wonder how much more impressed I’ll be when I see the whole shelter live again!

Please have a look at this slide show and tell me if you’re as impressed as I am! I hope, one day, you and I will have the opportunity to visit the shelter and will be lucky enough to witness these transformations in person!

But when looking at those pics always be aware this is only possible by your support and your donations and no matter how nice it looks, it’s only an attempt to give those poor street dogs the best second best option to live in for a while as each and every single one would prefer to have his or her own family!

(click any image for a click through gallery and bigger pics incl. sub titles)

Posted: Thursday 16th Feb 2012
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  1. Love your photos and blog, Kelly & Michael! Never have seen such a lovely overview about our shelter – great idea! 🙂

  2. I had the honor of volunteering at Care for Dogs In October 2012. I worked with Pam their vet who is a fantastic lady and clearly dedicated to her role.
    All the dogs there were well cared for and the staff were amazing with them, I was always astonished at how they could remember every dogs name!
    I wish all the staff especially Pam the best for 2013 and Im counting down the days until I come back to help such a fabulous cause in March 2013.

  3. Fully agree; very impressive.

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