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Dogs with Special Needs

Paul - A very special dog

Care for Dogs works tirelessly to help injured and sick dogs in the Chiang Mai area. Many of the dogs we rescue are able to make a full recovery after being in our care and after receiving intensive medical attention. Once they are back to good health, these beautiful and resilient creatures are returned to the temples or the street areas they were found in, or, if the area they came from is considered unsafe, kept at Care for Dogs and put up for adoption.

Unfortunately, there are some dogs that never fully recover. These dogs will require life-long medical attention. It occasionally happens that a dog recovers from a hit by car accident, but never fully recovers his ability to walk or run; as such, we are unable to return him to the street. Or, we find that some dogs have a seizure disorder and, because of it, would get hurt or injured if left untreated. Others have chronic pain issues that require long-term pain management. These are dogs we classify as “dogs with special needs”. Most of them will live long and happy lives, would do well in a home environment, but, because of their medical condition, are often the last ones on anyone’s list of adoption candidates. As such, many of them end up living the rest of their lives at the shelter (we don’t mind, we love them!).

However, because of the costs involved with their medical care, your support via sponsorship is truly a blessing for us in our mission to take care of all of their needs!

Below, you’ll find a few examples of Dogs with Special Needs currently living at Care for Dogs. These dogs require a safe environment, with some extra close monitoring, an extra dose of meds, good food, and regular love and care.

Please consider sponsoring one of them!

Susie was found by the train tracks, blind and hurting, after having been hit by a car. She must have struggled as a street dog because she had old injuries. She had sores on her body from scratching fleas and was bald from mange. She had a tumor growing on her back. What a sight! Thankfully, she hadn’t seen herself in a mirror yet! We picked her up and cocooned her until she reached good health! Her coat has grown back (though she’s prone to recurrences of mange) and she went into surgery to have her tumor removed. Over the past few months, we discovered that Susie was suffering from severe glaucoma and, after many vet consultations, it was decided that (as she was blind already) removing her eyes would be in her best interest. Fortunately the nose is as important for dogs as eyes for humans, and blind dogs can often get along just fine, as long as they are in familiar and safe environment. She won’t ever have to fear the train tracks or the sound of cars again because we’ve made a commitment to caring for her at our shelter until she finds a permanent home with a loving family.
Please sponsor Susie’s care and stay at Care for Dogs’ shelter see here…

Snowy, as his name suggests, is a pure white beautiful ball of delight! He is a young and attractive dog who, if you ever had a chance to meet him, would surely become your friend. Unfortunately, Snowy did not have a good start in life. For most of his growing up years, he was kept imprisoned in a cage by a family who thought they were protecting him from other dogs. He had no playmates or fun, just cold water and food. At some point, Snowy developed seizures and went unmedicated for it until we found him. Today, he’s a enticingly charming young male who adores being cuddled with. He’s now a resident at our shelter in our puppy section so that, if he has any seizures, he stays safe. He will have to be on seizure drugs for the rest of his life. We don’t mind because we love him 😉 And he doesn’t mind because that means he gets lots of extra treats (that’s how we help him eat his meds). If you’re looking to make a difference in a doggy’s life, consider sponsoring Snowy’s care, see here…!

Snowy is a bit shy in the beginning, but a very calm natured dog. He would do well in home environment as long as he would be given his seizure medication daily and taken to the vet for a regular check up. He is very sweet natured and should be kept in a quiet environment without a dominant dog. He would be a very good companion for the elderly or for families with children!

Tualek is a little dog who loves people and adores showing it by eagerly wagging his tail! He has come such a long way from the terrified, pitiful creature living on the streets to a much more confident and loving boy. Poor Tualek has some chronic endocrine issues that fragilize his skin causing occasional sores and cause chronic hair loss. He resembles a true Chinese Crested with his looks. He’s a sweet balding doggy who eagerly awaits adoption into a loving, permanent home!

When we picked up Tualek, he was almost completely hairless and had sores over his body. He was also very skinny. We did a lot of tests to find the cause of his skin issues, and found out that his hair loss is due to endocrine issues. His skin sores got better but his hair never really fully grew back. Where his hair grows, he sprouts stands of soft and whitish hair! It’s beautiful to touch. Because of his skin issues, he is also prone to developing skin growths that require surgical removal, and he needs to be frequently monitored for them.

Tualek was a terrified little dog who got bullied by the bigger dogs, and it was obvious that he would have a hard time not getting injured or finding enough food to eat. He screamed terribly when humans came close and when we tried to pick him up to take him to vet checks. Gradually, he learned to trust people and got his confidence back, and now he barks and wags his tails eagerly when visitors come over, and spars with his best pal Googgai during feeding times.

For the time being, because he needs frequent medications and medical care, we are hoping someone will be generous enough to sponsor his treatment!, see here…)

(At any point, if you feel drawn to one of these doggies and are considering opening your home and heart to one of our dogs with special needs, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding the possibility of adoption! Our staff will provide you with a history of the dogs, as well as offer any information and support we can.)

If you would like to consider adopting Tualek or another dog with special needs, please contact us.

There are many puppies, teenagers and adult dogs awaiting a new home at the shelter, follow this link to view more.