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Already found a home

Here are just a few of the wonderful dogs that have found a new home.

There are plenty more just like them waiting for you to take them into your family. Go on… you know you want to.

Woof! My name is Chika and I am a female Thai Bangkaew dog. For two and a half years I lived at Care for Dogs (CfD) while waiting for my forever home. Finally my day came in December 2013. I was adopted! I found my dream home and family. I am happy and I am loved.!

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Upon visting the shelter you are likely to meet this girl straight away. Bouncy, Black and Furry! Sisi is a medium to large size with long black fur. She loves attention but also enjoys a snooze in the sun! She’s big enough to look the part of a guard dog and cuddly enough so you know she wouldn’t hurt a fly!
cow Cow
This sweet young male has been though a lot in his young life. Hit by a car, then fully recovered, he still needs a bit of time to adjust to new surroundings. He will do well with a gentle owner that can help him regain his spirit and confidence. As you can see, he’s a stunner and a medium size with lovely soft white fur. Could you find a place in your heart and home for Cow?
This gorgeous Thai Brindle was rescued after a car accident. He is doing well now since he is such a strong and powerful breed. He is young at 1-2 years old, is a medium-large size and gets along great with humans and other dogs as he is so friendly. He is a real beauty!
Mayla Mayla
Sweet, friendly Mayla will be a joy to her new owner with her delightful personality-and good looks too! She is an ideal medium size with an easy coat for low maintenance. She loves walks and already does well on lead. She gets on with people and dogs alike and should turn out to be the perfect companion!


His adorable face says it all-I’m ready for love! Apollo is an absolute joy, super friendly and always available for cuddles. He makes his way through the many dogs to greet you at the shelter and is a wonderful choice for a family with or without other dogs. He is a small size with an obvious expression that says, “Pick me, pick me!” Come on out and meet Apollo and see if he’s the perfect match for you!/td>
This 2 year old male is small-framed, calm and relaxed guy. He keeps to himself and gets along with other dogs, is low-keyed and would be best without young children. He does enjoy human company and would need some grooming due to his long and lovely coat.


This younger fella is full of energy and to say he’s very playful, puts it mildly. He craves attention and would love nothing more than to have a home where he can run around and have some fun. He is mid-sized with a terrier-type coat and always has a smile. He should succeed in being a great companion with some training as he is obedient and loyal, he just needs the opportunity to show off his skills. Come meet Blackjack!
Duk Dik Duk Dik
Duk Dik is a large sized mixed breed golden coloured male dog full of character. See additional photo here. We have had to let him go as we have a new baby and he is NOT SUITABLE for a home with young children. He also needs a home with a secure fence as he has a bad habit of chasing people on bikes and potentially biting them…Despite this he is a good-natured, gorgeous looking dog who would be a wonderful addition in the right home. He is sterilised with all his shots and would fit well into a home with other dogs except very dominant male ones – however, he may be lonely on his own. If you think have time to walk him at least once per day on the lead and brush him every now and then…Contact Us
TongDam Tong Dam
What a catch this gorgeous boy is! Tong Dam is highly sociable, getting along with other dogs and all people as well. He is very outgoing and love walks. Did we mention already great on lead too?! He is medium to large-sized, young and lively and will be a great choice for an active lifestyle. Could he be your match? Come on out and see!/td>


This little cutie has had a rough go and is now on her comeback thanks to a kind travelling volunteer who rescued her from Mae Sot and then proceeded to help pay for her recent surgery! She is recovering well from a broken back leg and has a mini-front leg from birth. Her stride has not been compromised and she gets around quite well in spite of these small obstacles. She will be a devoted companion, the only thing she asks is not to be left alone too much as she really enjoys her human company. Come meet Brave and see just how she got her name!
mai Mai
This sweet girl is really missing her long-term friend that just passed away very recently. They had previously been adopted together and sadly returned when the new owner decided to move and leave them behind. Enough already for this calm sensitive girl! She is in need of some TLC and will be a loyal loving friend. Please consider adopting Mai and change her world forever!
This gorgeous 1 year old cheerful female is action-packed. She is a medium size, in great health and is quite dedicated to her play time. She would do well with a garden to romp around in and other dog pals.
Dewy is under one year and is a bit shy at the moment and needs some time to pick her new owner. She is a medium-sized girl, with a short coat and a very calm demeanor. She likes to be an observer and watch things around her. If you have time to give her, she is sure to be a loyal friend to the end.
Suki Suki

Hi, I’m Suki. I am very shy… but as you can see I am beautiful to look at with a healthy glossy coat and shining eyes. I am perfectly healthy, vaccinated and sterilised like all of us up for adoption at CfD. If you are interested in meeting me, call the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment…Click to find out more about ‘The Box Dogs’ at Care for Dogs…

lek Lek
This lovely female Thai breed was sadly found abandoned at the bus station. She is a bit reserved at first, hesitant of people from her past experiences. She is calm and quiet and looking forward to her new home, which will surely come along. Her only requirement for her new owner is that they don’t have chickens as she just won’t be able to control herself from the fun that ensues from chasing them!
timtim Tim Tim
This is TimTim, a gentleman that was dumped at our shelter. We can’t understand why as he’s such a friendly sort. He’s a medium size and a terrier mix. He’ll be very easy to take care of as he just enjoys relaxing. Think about bringing him into your life-you
won’t be disappointed!
gucci Gucci
Gucci is one our bundles of energy and fun that loves to play around and socialize. She is a smaller size, somehow a pug/brindle combination, which makes her truly one of a kind! She does well with people and others dogs and so she will fit into any family or home situation. Could you see it in your heart to adopt her?
bambi Bambi
Bambi is a sweet young female that is very playful and friendly. She loves giving and receiving affection and would make a perfect pet for a family. She is a small size and has a lovely soft golden fur coat. If you’re looking for the ideal companion, Bambi is the one for you!
Jeff came in after being hit by a car as a puppy, and was treated for his broken leg. Fortunately he recovered well and left without any signs of the accident. Instantly he was very friendly with the staff and volunteers, just loving human contact! He has grown up to an active, teenage dog, who frequently makes action happen on the dog yard.. He would really need a home of his own, as at the shelter he cannot truly show his character and gets in to quarrels..
He is gorgeous, one year old male, and he would need an owner that has time for exercise as he is active and playful and would need some training and guidance into his new life. He would get along best with female dogs as he has a commanding personality with other males. He is a great medium size with beautiful coloring and markings. He will make someone a perfect loyal companion.
This beautiful male is 4-5 years young. He is a very friendly boy, great with people and his only downsides are he is a chicken chaser and can be dominant with other male dogs, so a female companion would be best. Please give him a chance for a full happy life!
This nice male is 2-3 years old and medium to large sized. He was hit by a car, came to our shelter and has now recovered and is ready to find his new home. He is quite friendly and good with people but can be a little dominant with other male dogs. As he is still young and gets excited easily, a home without small children would probably be more ideal. Harley is a cheerful and will make a loyal companion for a good family!
sandwich Sandwich
Just look at the face on this beauty! This lovely girl was not treated very well before she came to us, as she had been caged and starved for affection. She is now coming around and getting used to all the attention that she really deserves. She will be eager to please as long as she finds the right owner that can understand all she’s been through and the love and patience she will need.
This sweet and loving female is young at 1-2 years old. She is a smaller size and has a wire coat similar to a terrier. She loves people and most likely will make a wonderful family companion. Faith has a great name as she is hopeful to find her new home very soon!
This sweetheart is very playful and affectionate. She’s around 3-4 years old and has a lovely golden fluffy coat. She loves attention and also just enjoys sitting quietly.Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet her.
Charming, even though she loves chasing chickens, Judy is great with kids, no cats though please, and loves walks, on lead preferred. The mascot of the shelter, she’s a joy!
This lovely girl is just under one year old. She is medium-size and has a gorgeous soft white and orange coat. She’s outgoing and playful and is looking for a new friend—or two as she is great with people and other dogs!
Jessy & Tara
These two best friends have been together all their lives. They are 2-3 year old females, are medium-large sized and have lovely coats. They are very friendly, love people and get along great with other dogs.
This lovely girl is between 1-2 years old, is very sweet and good with people and other dogs. Her only setback is that she likes to chew and would need someone that is willing to spend the time to train her and make sure she gets a lot of exercise.
This amazing female made it out of the meat market-alive. She is 2-3 years old, is medium sized and is very loving. She gets on well with other dogs and is ready to move to her new permanent home. Could you be the one to give her the life she deserves?
This sweet young girl has thankfully just been rescued from the meat market trade and we hope that her new home will be found very soon. She is a small size, with golden hair, a warm expression and is between 2-3 years old. She is very friendly and trusting, amazing considering the conditions from which she was saved. She gets along great with other dogs and is sure to be a joy to her new owner and be grateful they gave her a second chance.

I have a sad tale to tell…my owner got angry with me one day for no good reason and he hit me so hard that he fractured my head and I lost my right eye…Though I’m certainly better off in the shelter, after all I’ve been through I think I deserve kind and caring owners for the rest of my life. I am a 3-4 year otherwise healthy sterilised male with lots of love to give to the right people. Please consider me if you want a gentle, calm and appreciative companion for you and your family.
This mature little fellow of about five years old, is sweet natured and enjoys cuddles and attention and would make a wonderful companion. He’s a great medium size with soft long black hair that would need some grooming..
Sammy Sammy
To sum up Sammy: adorable, affectionate, afflicted and available! Sammy has a limp due to an injury on his front left paw. He is otherwise healthy, loving, strikingly beautiful and very much in need. Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet him.

Spring before

Spring after

This sweet young girl was rescued in very bad condition. She has now recovered and would love to have a new home with caring people to take care of her. She is around 6 months old and should grow to be a beautiful medium sized doggie.


Kai Mouk
This 3-4 year old pretty little girl is just bursting to find her forever family. If you are looking for a dog who will fit into your home environment – as long as it’s a loving one – with enthusiasm and maturity, this is your match. Kai Mouk is healthy, sterilised and has had all her shots. Come and get her TODAY!
Bert had a severe case of mange when we took him in. He has now fully recovered from his ordeals, but there is no place for him to go back. He is very loyal and loving to his favorite people, and would make a good guard dog to any family, as he is good with children (maybe a bit too rough for toddlers though..). He is handsome Thai breed is eager to go to his new home. He had a rough couple of years on the streets and has made an amazing transformation. He is a medium size with an easy short coat, is around 3-4 years young and loves walks-he is great on a lead and is ready for action.

Socks is just so sweet and affectionate, when you meet her you’re bound to fall immediately in love – I know I did! She really has bundles of character all the way down to her little white socks. She is only a year or so old, healthy, happy and yours for the taking!
Kim Kim
If you want a dog who will fit into any loving environment then you’ve found the perfect dog in Kim. She is 2-3 years old, shy at first, calm, undemanding and very lovable. Can you give her the forever home she so deserves?Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet her.
This beautiful lady is 14 years old and is a husky mix and very large sized. Her gorgeous coat would require some maintenance. She has a lame front leg, but that doesn’t really bother her. She’s just happy to relax somewhere peaceful. She would just like to find her quiet new home for
her golden years.
This female is about 1-1/2 years old and is full of energy. She is medium-sized with an easy short coat. She likes to be the boss due to her take charge personality, so would probably be best with males. She really needs some one on one time and the attention she deserves.
Though a little rough around the edges and with a tendency towards possessiveness, Ernie is a very gentle, loving boy who desperately wants someone to love who is all his own. Ernie would make any family a wonderful, loyal companion though would be better suited to a family with female dogs only. He is a healthy sterilised 2-3 year old male and is ready to go!
This small – medium sized little fellow is around 3-4 years old. He is very friendly and behaves well on a lead. He is quite independent and gets along with other dogs.
This medium- sized young man is 2 years old and is action- packed. He is playful and can be a bit aggressive with other male dogs. He has a lot of energy and would need plenty of exercise. Could you be the one to give him the time and attention he needs?
Momo Momo
Hi, I’m Momo. I’m under 1 year old, sterilised, vaccinated and very active. I don’t like posing for photos, but they got me anyway! Really, I’m just another mid-sized, nondescript short haired, black dog that you might see on any street corner. What you may not realise however, is that black dogs are most at risk of being shipped off to the meat market, even here in Chiang Mai. I sure am glad to be in the safety of the shelter instead, though I’d be even better off in a home of my own. Look out for me on any street corner or Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet me.
Though a little rough around the edges and with a tendency towards possessiveness, Ernie is a very gentle, loving boy who desperately wants someone to love who is all his own. Ernie would make any family a wonderful, loyal companion though would be better suited to a family with female dogs only. He is a healthy sterilised 2-3 year old male and is ready to go!
Chok Dii
This fellow is 6 years old and is ready for his new home. He is a pit-bull/lab mix and a medium-large size. He loves walks and is very affectionate. He likes people and would be best in a home with no other male dogs. If you want a loyal friend,
Chok Dii is the one for you!
This is lovely Bang Kaew mix is 2 years old and a mid-large size. He is very calm and relaxed and does not really care about playing. He would make a great addition to an already quiet place.
This beautiful husky is only 2 years old and would make anyone an amazing companion. He is really friendly, playful and likes other dogs very much. He is a large size guy and is just waiting to for his new best friend!
Mii Boon
This lovely little guy has had a rough start to life. He miraculously came back from an accident and is doing just great. He’s around 1 year old and is very affectionate and loves human contact. Could you or someone you know give him the home he deserves?
Charcoal Charcoal
This adorable girl pictured with Charcoal, is Hanna…sadly, she is not up for adoption. Charcoal, however, is! She is 1-2 years old, shy with people she doesn’t know, but as you can see, wonderfully affectionate with those she does.Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet her.
This beautiful lady is 14 years old and is a husky mix and very large sized. Her gorgeous coat would require some maintenance. She has a lame front leg, but that doesn’t really bother her. She’s just happy to relax somewhere peaceful. She would just like to find her quiet new home for
her golden years.
This female Thai ridgeback cross is gorgeous and very gentle. She keeps to herself and gets along well with other dogs. She is large sized and beautiful. She would love to go home with you!
Nam Wan
This loving little girl is around 1-2 years old and is just the cutest! She loves people, other dogs, likes to play and be cuddled. She is small-sized with a great big personality and is longing to have a place- and human to call her own.


What a character! Anyone would be lucky to earn the trust of this wonderful dog who is, at first, nervous around new people and then warms up so much he cannot get enough and rubs his little head and neck up against them in paroxysms of delight! Banjo is a healthy, sterilised 2 year old. Oh Banjo, we’ll miss you when you go but I think it is inevitable that someone will fall for you soon. If you think you could be the one, come down and meet him. He’ll be waiting.
Shaggy Shaggy
Shaggy is 2 years old and very calm with a gentle nature. He is clever and would be easy to train further as he already knows basic commands. Look no further than this mellow guy who gets along with all the dogs and just loves humans! He will need some grooming for his golden locks but all in all a perfect family dog!
Max Max
I’m small but I am full of spirit, I can stand on my back legs and do a little dance for you!! I’m a bit of a loner at the shelter but love the attention of humans and I get on with some dogs, especially the pretty girls!I’m getting on a bit, but the girls tell me I still have very silky fur and I love having my ears played with. I’ve got slight corneal ulcers caused by dry eye meaning I will need drops possibly for the rest of my life. Not surprising then that I’m occasionally grumpy, but I won’t be grumpy if I see you! …I’d be very grateful if someone could take me out of the shelter then I can start acting like the cute little man I actually am! Call asap!
Sam hasn’t had it easy. Born with only 3 usable legs, he was dumped as a puppy at a temple, where he is vulnerable & has been hit twice by a car, fracturing his hip & injuring his back leg, which needed to be stitched. Sam is a loving, healthy (fine w/3 legs) sweet dog who would thrive in a loving home. Contact the Shelter Tel: 0847 5252 55 (English) or 086 913 8701 (Thai) to help.
This extra large guy is about 5 years of age and a golden/lab mix. He loves people, not male dogs so much. He would make the perfect companion for someone that is ready to be the center of his attention. Could you be them?

Noi Nah

Noi Nah
I’m Noi Nah, I’m 1-2 years old and I’d love someone to take me home. I need an active lifestyle but I also like settling down for cuddles with my favourite people. I am a lovely healthy little girl with bright eyes and a short tan and white coat that won’t need any grooming! I have all my shots and am sterilised. If you really want to have some fun you can adopt me and my sister Malagor (below) together, we look similar and like alot of the same things…P.S The woman in the shot with me would like you all to know that she is not up for adoption at this time..
Pookie Pookie
Hi! I’m Pookie, I’m just 10 months old at the time of writing this (Nov, 2010). I am a larger sized doggie with a velvety coat and a goofy personality to match my brown spots. I’m good with people and other dogs and I sure love my food! I’d love you to take me home with you.Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment and do just that!
It’s a tough life on the streets, the number of homeless dogs hit by cars or bikes never stops. Here’s sweet Sienna, hit by a car several days ago. Her front leg was badly damaged & the only option was amputation. A few days later she’s moving arnd amazingly well. She is warming up & loves cuddles! She’s 3-4 mnths old & needs a loving home – can you give this little girl a new chance in life?
We are desperately looking for a foster or forever home for Dolly. She is considered a disabled dog as she is unable to walk. we are campaigning to find her a forever home as she is so sweet and an old dear, requires very little care as all her faculties still work.She is in foster care with Liz who has 4 dogs of her own and not in the best of health, so not sure how long this situation will last.Please share and help us find a place of love and care for Dolly’s last few years.


Go Go
Go Go is a healthy 3 year old velvet coated girl who is, at first, shy around strangers. She keeps herself to herself at the shelter and would dearly love a home of her own. If you think you or your family could be the ones to give her the chance to show you her love and loyalty, come on down to the shelter for a meet and greet.

Dom Mee

Dom Mee
Dom Mee, small and sweet, less than a year old, seems to have a fondness for chasing chickens…We are urgently seeking a loving home for Dom Mee. Albeit her love of poultry, Dom Mee is a sweet mannered dog, loves to be petted and cuddled. She was always one of the first dogs to greet us when we arrived at the temple and has a ferocious appetite for a dog of such small stature and usually manages to get three times the bones that the other dogs receive. If you have the room in your home and in your heart for Dom Mee, please Contact Care for Dogs and we can arrange for you to meet Dom Mee at the shelter.
Bed Bed
Bed lives happily on her little house outside the shelter office. She is a healthy 3 year old with all her shots etc. She may appear shy at first but once she gets to know you, you’ll get the full benefit of a warm friend full of character. Bed would be fine in any home with or without children or other dogs as long as they are not too dominant…Come and meet her and find your perfect canine match!



Zoe was living at Chiang Mai University when we picked her up. She was pregnant and has subsequently had 3 beautiful healthy pups. She is a lovely, calm girl in need of a loving forever home. She is now of course sterilised, vaccinated and waiting for that special someone…

Tiny is absolutely adorable! He’s not fluffy and high maintenance like most little dogs but will still fit nicely in your lap and adores attention. Take him for a walk and he’ll trot along happily with you – he’s the perfect little companion and is sterilised. vaccinated and perfectly healthy. Come and get him! Contact Care For Dogs, English (08 47 52 52 55) Thai (08 69 13 87 01) or e-mail: contact@carefordogs.org to make an appointment to visit the shelter & meet him or any of the many other dogs waiting for you…

Since his sterilisation, this little rascal has turned into a much calmer, gentler, less dominant dog with lots of love to give – as well as his undying loyalty – to the right owner. Rascal is a healthy, good-looking medium sized boy of 2-3 years old. It’s about time he left the shelter and went to his forever home. Could it be yours?

I am a somewhat shy but solid little dog who would love to protect your home and family. I am around 2-3 years old and am sterilised and fully vaccinated. I would love a place to call home where I can push my little head into your hand or get a generous pat to thank me for doing my work so well. If you are interested in meeting me, call the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment.
Leo Leo
This handsome male is 4 years old. He is a well-framed larger breed that loves walks and activities. He is very friendly, has a lot of energy and would make a great family dog. He would do really well with another doggie friend or friends to join him in the fun! Many of our volunteers have fallen for Leo, so best snap him up quick! Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet him.


This is Lilly – a lovely girl with white and cream markings and a face full of character. Lillie has a bit of an overbite or, what I like to call a ‘snaggle tooth’, which only makes her all the more endearing and adorable. She’s a 2-3 year old – healthy, sterilised and vaccinated. She loves to be petted and is very affectionate in return. Please consider making your home a happy one with Lilly in it…


Oh yeah. This is Barry, named after the Walrus-of-Love himself, Mr. Barry White. Ok, so maybe that’s not true but Barry has just as much love to give and entertainment to provide. Could you be his “first, his last his everything and the answer to all his dreams”? You know he’s “Got So Much Love to Give”, “Can’t Get Enough of You babe” and is “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Could his “Sweetness Be Your Weakness”? Come on down to the shelter and find out!
Bibi sadly lost her owner to cancer. She is a mature girl of around 5 years and is very friendly and calm. She would fit in well with any household and really deserves another chance at happiness in her own home.

This gorgeous medium sized little girl was recently brought back to the shelter as her beloved owner had to return to the States. As you can she is missing her front right leg but this doesn’t stop her getting around and rushing up to the fence whenever visitors come, eager to meet that special someone who will take her home with them…this time forever.  She is healthy, sterilised and around 1 year old with all her shots. Be quick – she’s bound to be snapped up soon!
Luuk Tarn
Hi – I’m Luuk Tarn. I am excellent on the lead and love walks, playing and attention. I’m not too big and I’m not too small. I’m just right, in fact I could be your Ms. Right if you’ll let me. I’m healthy, sterilised and fully vaccinated. Looking for love? You’ve found it.
Little Khao is the daughter of Zoe (pictured above in the list). She was born in the shelter last September and her siblings have already been adopted. She’s at the perfect age to be trained and would fit into any family with or without children or other dogs.
Thelma & Louise
Introducing Thelma & Louise (Louise LEFT, Thelma RIGHT)
These two gorgeous Ridgebacks are both healthy, sterilised females of 3-4 years old. They have been together all their lives so far and we would like to keep them together if possible. They have calm, loving, gentle natures and are, on the whole, tolerant but would do better in a home with no other dogs or young children –  although aggression would be a rare occurence, due to their Ridgeback heritage the consequences for another dog could be serious…On a lighter note, they adore people and will gaze lovingly into your eyes like you are an old friend and enjoy being petted and cuddled immensely. If you think these two would be the perfect complement to your family – contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet them. Why not call today? They’ll be waiting for you!


Vivian is 2-3 years old and, despite coming across as a little nervous at first, loves people and responds very well to kindness and affection. She is a lovely looking dog with ‘shades of honey’ coloured fur and intelligent eyes. She is very healthy with all her shots and is, of course, sterilised. Vivian is just starting to really enjoy her walks after being, at first, terrified of the lead. She is a quiet, gentle girl who would respond well to similar owners – older children or teenagers would suit her better than very young children. She would be a wonderful addition to any home.

Hi, I’m Penny! I’m a real sweetheart!This little lap dog is so pretty and adorable! She desperately needs a some tender, loving care but if nothing else, a little food, clean water and a willing lap will do the trick! Penny would be low maintenance and easy to have around in any home with or without children and/or dogs as long as they can be gentle and give her the love she so deserves…Come and get her!
This little cutie of 14 months old doesn’t keep still long enough for us to get a decent photo! I think you can tell however, that she is a little bundle of bright-eyed love! She is happy, healthy, affectionate, sterilised, vaccinated and ready to meet you! Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet her.


This bundle of love is a 3-4 year old bull terrier who is very affectionate with people but somewhat jealous and dominant with other dogs as is common with her breed. We urgently need foster care for Tawaan until she can find a permanent home as she needs special care for her skin right now and is not well suited to shelter life. She needs to be in a home without other dogs.These dogs are very popular in Thailand so we are hoping we can rehome her quite soon. Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) asap for more details or email: contact@carefordogs.org
This is Alisha, a beautiful mama dog of about 1 year old, who came to the shelter with her puppies last summer. She was dumped by a family that didn’t want to take care of her and her young. She is a very goodhearted, beautiful, happy dog, looking for a home.Karin Hawelka, Care for Dogs co-founder, has been fostering her, and thinks she’s just great too! She loves humans and is very affectionate, plus she gets along with all the other dogs. She even was a foster mommy for seven puppies that lost their mother when they were very young. She is great with kids too – so overall the perfect, gentle family dog. Of course, she’s now sterilized and fully vaccinated – so come and get her!


Good day to you. I am a lovable old grump! I have my good eye to you in this photo as the other one is blind. Despite this, I have a lovely, fluffy toffee coloured coat and enjoy a good pet. I would dearly love a home of my own away from all these other more boisterous dogs. Young pups today have no respect for their elders! Make an appointment to meet me asap. Jer gan mai!

I am a wonderful, gentle, loving older boy of 8-10 years old with a whole lotta love to give to the right person..only thing is I am missing the lower joint of my right back leg. Can you overlook this? I just need a quiet, loving home to live out my days.Wholeheartedly yours,

Shep oxo

Duchess & Ellie
These two Dachsunds are mother and daughter. Since they have been through such an ordeal and Ellie, the daughter of Duchess, is still very attached to her mother, we would like to home them together. Duchess is between 3-4 years old, very friendly and now sterilised. Ellie is only a few months old and still extremely shy. Both are fully vaccinated.We recommend that they live outside as they can be destructive, but training may combat this. If you can offer them a loving, stable home please contact Care For Dogs to arrange to meet them.

Kwan jai

Kwan Jai

This lovely dog has recently had pups but tragically has lost all but one. She is, by all accounts, a wonderful mother to her one surviving pup and a very affectionate girl who desperately needs a loving home. She would fit into any home with gentle owners who have time to pet her and sit with her on their laps. If you think you can offer her all this – please contact Care for Dogs asap! We will of course have her sterilised and vaccinated before she leaves the shelter.

Becky Becky
Hi, I’m Becky – I’m 12 months old. I have pretty eyes and a white coat with tawny markings which is lovely and soft to the touch. My owners had to return me to the shelter as they were moving overseas and couldn’t take me with them. I am used to living very happily with my family and would dearly love the chance to find my forever home this time. I am brilliant with adults, kids and other dogs. If you think you could love me back even half as much as I would love you – please contact my carers on the Care for Dogs team.

Dingo is a little wary of people but once you get to know him he will warm to you and become a loyal friend for life. He is a healthy, vaccinated male of around 1 years old with a lovely bushy tail. Come down to the shelter and meet him – he’ll be waiting.

This is Cindy. She is new to the shelter as of June 2010 – approx. 7 – 8 months old, healthy and sterilized. She gets on with everybody exceedingly well given her newbie status. We love having her around but would equally love to make her stay as short as possible so, please, take her away!
Tic2 Tic
Hi – My name is Tic and I have 2 siblings – Tac and Toe. Toe has already found a home but I and my sister Tac are still available for adoption. We are both around 18 months old and have lived at the shelter since we were puppies. Because of this we are very healthy with all the necessary shots etc. but would love a chance to experience life outside of Care For Dogs… We can be adopted together or separately and you can rename us as you like. Please give us the chance to show you our love and how much we would appreciate a forever home…
Toe Tac
If you think either Tic or Tac could be the perfect companion for you or your family contact Care For Dogs: English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet them…


Mitsy is a lovely, sweet little dog of about 2-3 years old! Sadly brought to the shelter through no fault of her own after her owner could no longer keep her. As you can see she can be easily picked up and loves a cuddle – almost as much as Irene who is holding her in this photo! Mitsy is in perfect health, sterilised, vaccinated and READY TO GO! Come and get her!
The name says it all – just look at that face! Cherub is one of 3 dalmations we have at the shelter and her 2 sisters are just as adorable! They get on well with each other and would fit wonderfully into any family with or without children or other dogs. We can home them together or separately.Cherub is 2-3 years old, sterilised, vaccinated and may just be exactly what you’re looking for!
With her beautiful glossy coat like velvet to the touch and her soulful dalmation eyes, Ada or Bell could be spot on 😉 for you and your family!They are 2-3 years old, sterilised, vaccinated and may just be exactly what you’re looking – they come separately or together…just give us a bell before someone else snaps them up! Phone English 08 47 52 52 55 / Thai 086 913 87 01
Ditto! See above…

This little lady is Chelley. She has only just arrived at the shelter (July 2010) as her owner couldn’t keep her anymore. We, however, are anxious to find her a loving home as soon as possible so we can keep her in the manner in which she is accustomed. She has warm, bright eyes, lovely markings and a charming personality – oh, and a bushy tail to match! If you think you can offer Chelley the forver home she so needs and deserves…Contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet her.

Sam – I’m Adopted!
Hi, I’m Sam. I had distemper this year but recovered very well and am now sterilised, fully vaccinated, healthy and ready to go home with you. I am very loving as well as being a beautiful looking boy – don’t ya think? Hope to sniff you soon!


Foxy here! Look at my lovely fox-coloured fur and intelligent face. I am simply gorgeous, loving, gentle and calm! A perfect addition to any home with or without kids or other dogs. I am a mid-sized dog who still likes to be picked up and cuddled! I am aged around 1 and very healthy with all the necessary shots etc. Take me home with you and you’ll have a great playmate and friend for as long as I live!
Na Song San Na Song San R.I.P
Na Song San has sadly passed away but it’s a comfort to know that she spent her last days with a loving owner…This is her story: Na Song San was found lying at the side of the road covered in blood. It was thought she had been hit by a car, but when the vet examined her, she said that she had been in a very serious dog fight, probably involving many dogs and she was covered in bites. She was stitched up but sadly she had to have an eye removed and also most of her tail. As she was a street dog she was very nervous at the shelter and was always hiding down a dirt hole or under a bench so that it was difficult to give her her medication. But one of the volunteers Sarah, had fallen for this scruffy mangy little dog and was determined to get her back to full health…

Tim Tim

Tim Tim – I’m Adopted!
I am the dog with everything! I am big and full of character as well as being cute, fluffy, affectionate and yours if you want me! I am only 2 years old and really deserve the chance to have a loving, forever home. am healthy, sterilised, vaccinated and enjoy walks, cuddles and playtime. I would be a perfect addition to any family with or without children or other dogs. Please come down to the shelter soon – I can’t wait to meet you!

Gucci – I’m Adopted!
Hi! I’m Gucci – the perfect designer dog! I’d look good in any family with or without children or other dogs. Take the time to brush me and you can walk me with style anywhere you like and show me off to your friends!Everyone should own a Gucci…this is one designer item you CAN afford! Come and get me before someone else does…

Ninja – I’m Adopted!
I am a handsome boy of 1-2 years old. If you take me home I will be very good and do my best to fit in with your family. I love people and get on well with other dogs. Please PICK ME!
Kelly Kelly – I’m Adopted!
Meet Kelly. We at Care for Dogs cannot believe she hasn’t yet been snapped up! She would be the perfect companion for any home with or without children. She is fully vaccinated and sterilised.What else can we say about this gorgeous, healthy 10 month old, but cute, adorable, sweet-natured and yours if you want her! Come and meet her and fall in love….

Fanny – I’m Adopted!
Hey there! I am a loving, gentle, little girl who is dying to go home with you…I am healthy, sterilised and vaccinated and about 1-2 years old. I’d love to meet you so please come and see me soon.
Haeng Haeng – I’m Adopted!
What a lovely little girl! We would like to see her adopted asap as she is struggling somewhat with shelter life. She is a healthy, compact little dog aged 1-2 with searching eyes and perky ears. She won’t take up much space – surely you’ve got room for her?

Tarn – I’m Adopted!
Tarn is a lovely little dog with soft, silky silver grey fur who would fit perfectly in your lap! Come and get him today!
Frodo – I’m Adopted!
This beautiful blonde is a healthy sterilised female of 1-2 years old with a silky golden coat and characterful face. She is a gentle loving dog with lots to give to her forever family. Come down and meet her TODAY!
Nu Daeng – I’m Adopted!
Nu Daeng here is a bit of a matriarch and tends to rule the roost! She is a lovely, affectionate, loyal dog of 3-4 years old who is now ready to find a forever home where she can continue to be in charge of any other dogs who live there. For this reason, another very dominant dog would not be an ideal companion. She is sterilised, healthy and fully vaccinated. If you prefer a mature, calm , no nonsense personality in your dog then she’s the one for you. Come meet her!
Tufty – I’m Adopted!
Hello! Excuse my tufty fur – I’m just recovering from mange but am very friendly, loving and healthy in all other ways. I think I’m around 4 years old but nobody ever told me my birthday :-( Maybe if you come and get me you can decide for me and we can celebrate together this year? Hope to sniff you soon.
Sparkle – I’m Adopted!
Look at me! I’m a pint sized beauty! Full of character and cuddles. I am a healthy, sterilised and fully vaccinated little girl of around 1 year old. Could you find a place for me in your heart and home? Come and meet me asap!
Ivory Ivory…I’m adopted!
Ivory is a beautiful 2 year old labrador mix who was returned to the shelter through no fault of her own. It’s so sad when this happens and she is taking time to adjust to pack life once more. She is one of the most sweet-natured dogs we have at Care for Dogs – though she does go after chickens! You have been warned! Other than that Ivory would be wonderful in any home with or without children. Please give her the chance to show you her gentle, loving nature – why not make an appointment to visit her at the shelter?


Kira…I’m adopted!
Kira is a lovely little girl who would so enjoy a home of her own with or without children or other dogs. She is very pretty and elegant with tawny markings on her white coat. Kira is perfectly healthy, up to date with all her shots and is, of course, sterilised…Let us know when you want to come and meet her and she’ll be ready to give you all the love in her little heart.


Taawaan – I’m Adopted!
Taawaan is an elegant Thai lady of about 3 years old. She is a quiet dog who’s trust need to be earned. At present she has a tendency to snap, so a home with children would not be suitable. She is often on the side lines, so if you think you could offer her a life outside the shelter please ask us to arrange a special meeting with her.


Yung – I’m Adopted
Look how simply gorgeous I am! I used to be loved very much but now I’m on my own again…I am so loving and playful as well as being gentle. I am the perfect companion for children and other dogs. I am fully vaccinated, sterilised and very healthy at about 2- 3 years old. Come and meet me and see for yourself!


Kazim – I’m Adopted!
Kazim is an elderly blind dog who has lived at the shelter since 2008, when he came to Care for Dogs to be treated for an advanced stage of TvT (Transmissible Venereal Tumor).We treated him successfully and his body is now rid of the cancer but he is now blind from the damage the TvT which affected his eyes, as well as his genitals & large areas of his back.He now rests in comfort at the shelter away from the threats of being run down by traffic, abused by other dogs or humans and receives meals twice a day under his nose, so he is really very healthy.

All Kazim needs for the rest of his life is food & shelter. Ideally we would like Kazim to be adopted and find a loving family home for the rest of his days but sadly he is unlikely to be chosen in front of the many other dogs at the shelter.

You can read various posts on our website about Kazim here …


Hope and Freedom – We’re Adopted!
Hope, a Golden Retriever, and Freedom, an Alsatian were left behind by their family who had abandoned their house, the dogs were living in the middle of garbage, only occasionally fed, their health condition deteriorating, malnourished. They had infected wounds and were only skin and bones. When the team of Care for Dogs picked them up, they trotted out of the house like depressed and exhausted prisoners that had been relieved after long-term captivity in poor conditions.Both dogs are now back to full health. Both are male, about 6 years old and very sweet-natured. They really deserve a permanent home with enough love to make up for everything they’ve been through.Just call 08 47 52 52 55, email us for more info or read their full story...

Chow Guai

Chow Guai – I’m Adopted!
Introducing Chow Guai – ‘Black Jelly’ by name as well as by nature. A lovely boy who manages to be in all places at once and loves to trail around the woods with his friends – ALWAYS running back immediately at the sound of his name or a whistle – he’ll even round up any stragglers – human or otherwise – to keep the pack together. Chow Guai is 1-2 years old and has suffered alot in his little life – he deserves a chance at a loving home outside the shelter. Whatever you give him we guarantee you’ll get back 100 times over…”No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”


Lenny – I’m Adopted!
What can be said about Lenny but cute, gentle, sweet-natured, loving and just waiting for that special someone to rescue him! Lenny is under a year old and has been at the shelter since he was just a pup. Surely you can find a place for this little man in your heart and home?

John Doe

John Doe – HIGH PRIORITY – I’m Adopted!
I’m missing one of my back legs, but don’t let this put you off. On the contrary, my heart is whole and full of love to give the right owner. I am one of the most gentle, sweet dogs at the shelter and get more than my fair share of bullying due to my disability. I need someone to come down and take me home. Even though I am a medium sized dog I love being close to people and will sit on laps and love long cuddles. I have a soft, healthy coat, am sterilised, vaccinated and waiting for you right now…Now named Jake Bear…Click to see him at the home of his loving owner Ana Gracey…please note the balls are now gone :-)


Mumu – I’m Adopted!
This is Mumu, the bullterrier – I’m Adopted!.We urgently need a foster or permanent home for him, in a home with no other dogs. He’s wonderful with people, but jealous and very dominate towards other dogs and doesn’t hesitate to go after them, so it’s very difficult to keep him at the shelter. We most emphatically do NOT want to put him back on the street where he had been dumped.Recently a nasty fight escalated and he was badly bitten and needed to be stitched in two areas. Half of his body is shaved now so he doesn’t look his most handsome, but he would still make somebody a wonderful friend for life or until he’s back on his feet. Whoever takes him should also be willing to continue his skin treatment for another 1-2 months.

Are you the guardian angel this dog so badly needs?

Call us: (Eng) 0847 52 52 55 (Thai) 0869 13 87 01


Malee…I’m adopted!
My name is Malee. I am a very pretty 1 to 2 year old female, with dark soulful eyes and milky coffee coloured fur. I may be little but I have lots of personality and love playing with my friends here at the shelter though I’d love someone to take me home with them. I’m great around kids and willingly roll over on my back to have my tummy tickled while wagging my lovely bushy tail. I am sterilised and have all my shots too. If you think you could give me a loving, forever home then contact me through Care for Dogs.
Amalie…I’m adopted!
Amalie is about 3 years old and has a sad history to tell you if she could. She was among 14 dogs including her sister, Suki, and father, Dao, who were living in small wooden cages with no way of seeing out – possibly for years – before Care for Dogs liberated them. Despite this she loves attention from people and enjoys having her luxuriant coat brushed and her head patted. Amalie is a very nice, quiet small to mid sized dog who really deserves a loving forever home. Click to find out more about ‘The Box Dogs’ at Care for Dogs…
Toe Toe – I’m adopted!
Hi – My name is Toe and I have 2 siblings – Tic and Tac. We are all 10 months old and have lived at the shelter since we were puppies. Because of this we are very healthy with all the necessary shots etc. but would love a chance to experience life outside of Care For Dogs… We can be adopted together or separately and you can rename us as you like. Please give us the chance to show you our love and how much we would appreciate a forever home…
Heidi Heidi – I’m Adopted!
Hi there! My name is Heidi and I am a little cutie-pie! It must be true because everyone says so… I’m only 1 year old with bright eyes, a pert nose and a shiny coat. I love sitting on laps and being petted and cuddled. I’m very healthy, sterilised and have had all my shots. Please come and visit me at the shelter – once you meet me you’ll definitely want to take me home, I love kids of all ages and would be the perfect addition to any family. Hope to sniff you soon!
Denya Denya – I’m Adopted!
Here’s Denya, a 2-3 year old black beauty, who loves her walks and will give her walker a real work out. She is in top condition with all the necessary shots etc. but she unfortunately chases chickens if given the chance…so… just don’t give her the chance! She’s an active, intelligent dog who needs the same in her owners. On one occasion while out on a walk with other members of the pack Denya slipped out of her collar and after running herself ragged in circles for a few minutes, surprised us greatly by trotting back to see where we’d all got to and receive a grateful if slightly hysterical cuddle! Denya would make a wonderful, loyal, fun-loving companion for any owner and is having a hard time at the shelter just now…so please get in touch if you think she could be a match for you or anyone you know.
Sisi & Sandra Sisi & Sandra – We’re adopted!
This pretty little mother and daughter came to us in a very distressed condition. They arrived with two of SiSi’s 8 week old puppies having been thrown out of their home by an owner who, it appeared, just stopped caring. As with a lot of cases, we very quickly re homed the youngsters but because of the abuse these two girls had obviously suffered including total rejection from their former home, they were now very wary of people. They settled into a routine of spending their days lying in the shade under a bench where they would feel safe together. Over the months of living their shy existence, constantly in each others shadows, they have now become quite relaxed and have started to trust humans. Volunteers at the shelter have made such a change to their outlook on life by giving them the needed human contact and socialisation but ideally they would suit being in their own home. These girls have no medical complaints, all they need is a roof over their head and food.


Cherry – I’m Adopted!
What a gorgeous, loving, special dog. Sherry is 2-3 years old, a little shy with strangers but simply bursting with all the love she has to give the right person. If you are looking for a sweet-natured, healthy, mature, characterful companion, look no further.


Missy – I’m Adopted!

Missy was left in supposed good hands by a loving owner and subsequently kept in a cage and neglected…except for food as you can see, which is a blessing compared to the alternative, but now she is somewhat obese. Other than this she is a good-natured sweetheart and would fit well in any family willing to exercise, love her and feed her a healthy diet. Come down to visit her at the shelter – you can’t miss her!


Sweetie – I’m out!

My name is Sweetie and my name says it all…I am a mid-sized black dog about 2-3 years old.

I am fully up-to-date with all my shots plus I’m sterilised – a sweet- natured, happy, healthy, playful companion for any family with or without kids. I don’t just wag my tail – I take my whole body along for the ride!

I love trotting out on daily walks – even more so with a special someone of my own to share it with. I’ve got my little suitcase packed and I’m all ready to go to my forever home…

Grover – found it!
Grover here is a cute, calm, smaller sized dog who loves attention and is a little sad at being left behind for so long at the shelter. He has been through alot in his little life and now needs to feel the kindness of strangers. If you feel you can give his coat a brush every now and then, feed, walk and pet him daily you could be the one for him. Don’t be a stranger…contact the shelter English (08 47 52 52 55) or Thai language (08 69 13 87 01) to make an appointment to meet him.
Mom Maem – sadly past away
This dog really needs your love right now – she came to the shelter in January 2010 after an awful ordeal being locked in a cage possibly for years…she is very thin right now but is otherwise healthy and sterilised. Could you give yourself the satisfaction of nursing this lovely girl back to her full potential as a happy, healthy dog with lots of joy in her life? Contact us asap.
Lord Snowdon – sadly passed away
This small guy is between 1-2 years old. He can be temperamental and would be best with other dogs and not young children. He could use some training for that special someone who is up for the challenge!