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We are committed to finding permanent and happy homes for puppies and dogs in need! Therefore, we only give away pets to families that will not cage or systematically keep them on a leash, or leave the dog alone regularly during daytime hours (unless two dogs are adopted and can therefore serve as one another’s companion).

As we see too much suffering created by the overpopulation we need your commitment that female puppies that are too young to be spayed during their time at our shelter will be sterilized by their new owners prior to the dog turning 6 months old. Care for Dogs is willing to pay for the costs of sterilization if the owner cannot afford it.

For the protection of the dogs’ physical and emotional well-being, under no circumstances do we adopt out puppies younger than 8 weeks. Dogs need to stay with their mothers until at minimum 8 weeks of age or they are subject to a weakened immune system and poor emotional relationships with others, after this time you are able to check the cute long haired dogs list we have to pick the dog that you want to take home.

We strongly encourage adopting a dog from a shelter environment instead of purchasing a dog from a breeder because, in our experience, we have come to realize that the continued breeding of purebred dogs exacerbates the dire problems dogs face in Thailand. Breeders feel that they can earn money from breeding and end up dumping the dogs they are unable to sell, imposing more street dogs on an already overloaded population. We have personal experience with breeders who will kill dogs they are unable to sell. Additionally, many individuals have come to us after adopting purebred dogs from markets, only to find that the pups were never vaccinated and since they were separated from their mommy way too early, become sick with either parvo or distemper.

Click to those pics to see grown up dogs currently available for adoption at CfD’s shelter:

List of Male Dogs

List of Male Dogs (Facebook)


List of Female Dogs (Facebook)

Beside those adult dogs, at CfD there are almost always puppies available too, though they change to fast to present on an up to date list.

We would not ever recommend purchasing a dog as there are already so many homeless dogs either in shelters or living on the streets or in temples, all equally loving and ready to be a good companion. We believe that adoption is far more loving and compassionate towards dogs than buying.

Care for Dogs take the adoption of a dog very seriously and perform an interview and complete an adoption contract with a prospective adopter, as well as making follow up visits to the new home, to ensure the dog is living in the agreed circumstances of the contract.

Adoptions are free of charge, however, donations to cover our expenses will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in a new friend who has much affection and love to offer, just contact us.

Though we focus upon dogs, we also have lovely kittens and cats for adoption.

In case you may have a question unanswered, visit our FAQ page

One of our primary objectives, is to find homes for dogs and cats that have either been abandoned & dumped by previous owners or somewhere to live for a homeless cat or dog that may well be a puppy born on the street, at a temple or even at the shelter after being rescued to start life with the care & attention they so deserve.

Care for Dogs have many dogs at the shelter in Hang Dong awaiting a home. We even have some staying at foster homes, being socialized and cared for in a temporary home. We also have numerous contacts with people who are fostering or simply caring for their street cats which in turn enable Care for Dogs to offer the availability of cats for adoption too.

We have pages listing many of our male and female adult dogs and pups awaiting adoption, and we invite you to take a look!