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Adoption Fair – List of Dates 2014

Many thanks to Airport Plaza providing us with this platform to our adoption fairs and so facilitate many adoptions over past years.
Usually oping hours will be 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., location just outside Airport Plaza near the KFC entrance

We are delighted about this opportunity but need your help to make this happen.

In case you would like to assist us by volunteering at these events, there are many things to do: built up of stall, providing information to interested animal lovers, selling merchandise, collecting donations, take care on dogs and puppies on show. For volunteering or other questions around this event please contact our coordinator Khun Gai via email contact@carefordogs.org.

Please see list below that Airport Plaza has given to us – and check your calender and circle these dates.

adoption fair January 5th Sunday
January 25th Saturday
February 1st Saturday
February 16th Sunday
March 8th Saturday
March 29th Saturday
April 12th Saturday
April 27th Sunday
May 4th Sunday
May 18th Sunday
June 1st, Sunday
June 22th Sunday
July 5th, Saturday
July 19th Saturday
August 9th, Saturday
August 24th Sunday
September 13th, Saturday
September 27th Saturday
October 5th, Sunday
October 18th Saturday
November 2nd Sunday
November 16th, Sunday
December 7th, Sunday
December 20th Saturday

Posted: Saturday 4th Jan 2014
Category: Events

" Being part of the team I think, was so much more effective. If alone, I would only have given a street dog some food for few days, not knowing what else to do in a strange town when seeing a sick dog. Joining with the other volunteers at CfD, I was part of a steady approach. You give dogs some hope for a better life and don't have to disappoint them when they might wait on you, when your plane already took off. Here is a team and it's just another friendly face, the next (holiday) volunteer will take up your work. [More about Michael]"
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