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A Mom Comes Back

Past week one of our very pregnant rescued doggies started contracting earlier in the day but, after a few hours and still no puppies, we knew there might be a problem.

Often, in Thailand, dogs are given an injectable birth control at the first signs of pregnancy and this interrupts the dog’s own hormonal ability to bring to term her puppies and the mom will require surgical intervention (or risk major complications…).

She was ushered to a local vet clinic for an emergency c-section and I’ve just received a call to let me know that the surgery went well and that she’s just waking up proud momma to 5 pups! I’m a little worried about adding 5 more puppies to the 12 pups we already have but I’m hoping that puppy adoptions this month will be at an all time high and we can get all these little angels into loving and permanent homes!

Nicole, the mamma dog who underwent an emergency c-section on Saturday was back at the shelter today with her puppies!

As a footnote:
On my stay here at Chiang Mai I was present when the puppies arrived at the shelter, what I expected was to see staff members with rather sad faces knowing the burden of some more puppies to care for and the difficulties to find proper homes for them.

Although fully aware of those future problems just the opposite a short name giving ceremony was held and it was amazing to see how all participating permanent staff members Vet Pamela, Khun Jum and Khun Bee, were still so excited and delighted when watching these new born sweeties. You could see that the intense daily work for those dogs in need didn’t take away their passion and love for these beautiful creatures but rather increased it. I felt real happy to see what support CfD has found here with these ladies.

Posted: Saturday 22nd Sep 2012
Category: Rescue Stories

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